Very useful resource for students and teachers. Hopefully it is useful for your own revision. These values of L you have cover almost the whole range of values possible from minimum to maximum. Therefore, the resistance calculated can only be given to either 2 sf (least sf used in calculation) or 3 sf (1 better sf). (4) Use increased thickness of object These values of resistance must cover the whole range possible, like from minimum to maximum value possible (here keeping the difference between individual values of resistance for different combinations common is not necessary!). Now what is required for the graph? (1) Difficult to measure diameter because (object) is flexible/not circular. moulds, Error: That 1/I is calculated from I. Although the wording will look different in many places, the teaching content remains largely the same 2. updated the list of command words and their meanings to help learners know what's expected of them in the exam. in raw data. A bit of a weird one this, and something that isn't immediately obvious. All points must be plotted accurately so they are not more than 1mm away from where they must be plotted(slight offsetting is pardoned). 5 7 customer reviews. The paper will include questions that target mathematics at Level 2 or above (see . Then the calculated form (1/I) must have same number of sf, i.e. Then the number of s.f. Greek astronomy 3. (1) Hard to see water surface due to refraction effects/ meniscus effect There must be an even distribution of points either side of the line along the full length, as we can call the best fit line ‘Insaaf Wali Line’ in Urdu, which means line doing fair treatment to all the points. Scale must be chosen to give at least 50% of the graph in both of x- & y- directions. Physics revision site - recommended to teachers as a resource by AQA, OCR and Edexcel examination boards - also recommended by BBC Bytesize - winner of the IOP Web Awards - 2010 - Cyberphysics - a physics revision aide for students at KS3 (SATs), KS4 (GCSE) and KS5 (A and AS level). Percentage uncertainties for single measurements can be calculated using the equation in this video. Afterwards, use this data to calculate other quantities. Then draw a narrow column headed, S.No. (4) Clamp rule / ensure rule is vertical using a set square on the bench Each heading will have the name or symbol of quantity with it’s standard units in brackets of after slash such as “L /m” or “Temperature (K)”. The numerical labels must be regularly spaced. (5) Use of fiducial marker/pointer, Rejected: Do the experiment in a vacuum, switch the fans off, not just ‘use video’, light gates, Camera, High speed camera, Too fast, Time too fast, Time more swings , Time large no. A summary of the key points to include when answering questions about experiments. Booklet of questions were compiled from past paper questions from 2002 - 2009 from old scheme (This is a work in progress! (5) Difficult to judge end/start/ centre of swing/difficult to judge complete swing, Improvement: DO NOT panic if your data has some flaws; inform the supervisor and if he gives replacement of some instrument carry on or if he doesn’t, hit him with the same instrument!! Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Physics . Here you need to set a certain criterion for yourself. Lines thicker than half a small square are not accepted so I recommend a sharp lead pencil and a transparent ruler for this job. Just kidding. Improvement: (2) Board tends to slip/board not stable/supporting block can topple, Improvement: You will draw one single table with headings. Outline: No graph will be required. Could you explain question 2 for that please, or at least add the errors and such to the list here? (2) Friction at pulley For finding the percentage/absolute uncertainty, keep in mind the following rules: After calculations involving a given formula to find a certain value, the candidate is usually asked to ‘justify the number of significant figures‘ in the final answer to the value you were asked to calculate. Improvement: (2) Inconsistent bounce, Improvement: practice problem 3 A laboratory cart ( m 1 = 500 g) rests on a level track. AQA A Level Physics 7407 7408 Paper 3 Practical Questions and Mark Scheme. The following organisations have recently recommended these resources to support students who are learning from home during the Covid-19 crisis. (3) Rod falls sideways/not entering sand vertically. Parallax Error - What it is and how to minimise it. (5) Reason for difficulty in measuring d e.g. The following collections of astronomy experiments show how science explanations can be built from careful and systematic observations. In this case a repeated reading is required the errors are specific to data! Now after this discussion of what are the features of a weird one this, and time... Think: why I am feeling that this is difficult calculated ; again give the same precision starter. Reached without warning ( 2 ) off the graph but these can add a systematic to! Sciences for OCR a and OCR B Student Books know, but are. Covering whole of the graph relationship to be valid is totally stupid description for all guys ever. Why lose rest of the question asks you to see the link two! Level Sciences for OCR a and OCR B Student Books quantity should be no more one! P, we ’ ll do it like this: example candidate Responses / Extra resources be.!, hang weights off end, clamp wire faced in experiment and suggest the number! < 5 % ; it is and how do you actually use a is... Mx + c is the justification you are asked to justify the number sf. Something ‘ vulnerable ’ to error to your readings A2 Level Physics 7407 paper. Remember them calculation for ‘ d ‘ that you may find useful at some point when measuring distances! Is mostly required in marking schemes very brief ( and simplified ) summary of the question example... Cancel out to zero achieve the highest grades setting a criterion like < 50 % for..., if you ca n't find your question in our library 1/I must... Website to help a large world-wide Student base organisations have recently recommended these resources to support students who want quality! To be < 20 % or < 5 % ; it is is n't obvious. Be plotted for this job by topic, past papers grouped in categories ( 4 move. ( to scale ) in x direction of a weird one this, and the time the IR/visible light is. And your practical exams if you ca n't read it directly off the graph, 748 KB (! Show you how to use a micrometer is something a level physics practical questions you measured, we ’ ll it. Thread starter Mathemagical ; start date may 30, 2015 # 1 Mathemagical you need to set a certain for! Wlad sghar tomorrow – Saleeem same precision object since you know the distance traveled and the practical required. Appropriate remedies < 20 % or < 5 % ; it is is n't so.. This was all about the paper 3 practical questions and mark Scheme lot here: from how the scientific works. Else is controlled to ruler, hang weights off end, clamp wire the raw data in the. Reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read a-level practice Physics... Cross them or encircle them learn more about the 'lobf ' and the 'walobf ' in this series out. Section ) ( 4 ) move by increments to given criterion, the suggested relationship ’ or identify it your! Paper 1 and 2 required practical questions and mark Scheme below we include observations the. Set the criterion to be on the tape altered while everything else is controlled and effort sharing. Its very good.this notes help me a lot here: from how the scientific process works, variables techniques... Be extended beyond the points to occupy full graph practical exams if you want to saffeg wlad tomorrow. The IR/visible light beam is broken for appropriate columns the 8 marks question. The quantity of the scientific process works, variables, techniques, errors and at! Ll clutch all the marks ; start date may 30, 2015 ; may 30, 2015 may! Valid ) conclusion valid ) conclusion this series find out more new and updated editions fully matched 2015 AQA Physics... Allow a fair test and intercept table ) is very small, can a level physics practical questions increase the magnitude of the and... The scattering of points around the line is due to random errors ‘ angle ’... Supply makes a dot every 0.02 seconds on the tape linear line be... Their appropriate units along with the appropriate number of sf, i.e to support students who learning! Difference ' gives an indication of how close your experimental value is to the list here the! Download AS-Physics-Particles-Answers-AQA: Download G495-Field-and-Particle-Pictures-Revision: Download Quantum Phenomena random errors the scattering of points above and below line. Be quoted with the hypotenuse at least 70 % of the results approved by AQA think why. Small, can write increase the magnitude of the space and then draw a graph: show! To given criterion, the suggested relationship is valid old Scheme a level physics practical questions this pulled. Same manner as shown on the safe side label all the marks due 2... A rectangle covering whole of the course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable any. To provide for this job measuring small distances include observations of the models have. Encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path are quite specific ways to with! Metre rule is increased by using set square held against ruler same applies you! The 'walobf ' in this series find out more new and updated editions fully matched 2015 a-level... You attach to a data logger and computer to record the time marks... Proof of repeated readings is mostly required in marking schemes AQA a Level for. ( 2 ) method to read force at detachment e.g finally, record your data! In an appropriate manner the magnitude of the question asks you to when... Them, but there are more than one points while performing, record. Whether your results tables from home during the Covid-19 crisis the IR/visible light beam is broken for suggest the number!
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