How is that not a retcon of the opening stages? I have only the greatest of respect for the Emperor, with or without compassion. That is true the situation is more complicated that given his boss aspirations the whole mutation thing is complicated and Ahriman is delude. I mean, the idea that Ahriman has no face any more is from the guy that writes the Ahriman series. Did you know that? Failure to do so may result in investigation by the Inquisition. The Ahriman series is great honestly, and if you like Ahriman and the TSons their isn't a better series you can read about them right now. According to ADB, French was the person who came up with the "screaming void" in the first place. Khayon is powerful but there's Thousand Sons, like Sariq, Ahzek's Cabal, and so much more who are around his level who don't mention that. My post is 9 hours old and provided evidence for my opinions. Please review. If you've seen ADB's posts on things like this, it doesn't seem like that's the case. As for Ahirman, you have it absolutely right that's he out for his own power yet the key point is that he doesn't know that. So sure you can say he's not making things up that doesn't mean he's telling the truth either, he has no valid reason to give a balanced view of anyone let alone the brother that he hates most. I don't. Atlas Infernal is another good option, although Ahriman is the antagonist in the story and has much less screen time. Yeah, it's a pretty quick reference, but the interregna scene after Act I (where Czevak gets captured by "Malchankov") takes place over Cadia, and makes an explicit callout to the 13th Black Crusade having begun. And those mysteries are much more interesting in my opinion because they are real and not artificial things the writers decided not to write about ever. Yeah, I understand why he does it. You have been warned. Ahzek und Ohrmuzd erhielten eine exzellente Ausbildung und lernten sowohl das Jagen und Töten, als auch das Debattieren.6 K.22 Er und seine Brüder bekamen als Jungs auf Terra vom Gelehrten Pentheus Lektionen in Logik, Philosophie und Rhetorik.9 K.5 Nach genetischen Tests, wurden Ahzek und Ohrmu… Like his fellow Thousand Sons, Ahriman was a loyal servant of the Emperor when the Horus Heresy began. You missed one: 7. [–]Will-Dear-born 26 points27 points28 points 2 years ago (0 children). And the Legion pays its debts.+. Not to be that guy, but what if his ravaged face turns into a void as it heals from that particular grievous wound? Ahzek Ahriman hatte einen Zwillingsbruder: Ohrmuzd Ahriman.6 K.7 Sie entstammten einer Adelsfamilie des Achaemenid Empire, welches sich im Vereinigungskrieg mit dem Imperator verbündet hatte. Why is it even taken literal? Ahriman's exact whereabouts during the 13th I'd have to check up on honestly as he gets around a lot during this time. [–]krorkle 161 points162 points163 points 2 years ago (29 children). [–]IyandenPrydefalcn 14 points15 points16 points 2 years ago (15 children). As the bubble of plasma and destruction receded, it became obvious that the Great Harlequin had disappeared once again. Show More. Khayon could be dead right, halfway there, or entirely wrong. Some authors talk to each other extensively and make sure their novels align, others are far more independent, or writing colleagues might feel less beholden to their interpretation, and so on. The War in the Webway, for instance, is no longer a thing that transpired as it did in the old narrative. [–]TyranidsTyranid_Swarmlord 7 points8 points9 points 2 years ago (0 children). It sheds light on his exile, discovering his purpose, and his struggle against destiny. now defunct canon that was the 13th Black Crusade campaign. But we also know it's probably not true. Khayon's just being mildly hyperbolic because he's jelly that Ahriman's a better space wizard. +You will not stand with me again, though?+, +The Thousand Sons were no more for me a long time ago, Ahriman.+. Not gonna lie I always wondered if it was you or French who wrote this exchange. Im not aware of any rubricae that have retained a sense of self on that level. [–]kaptaintrips86 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Ahriman's corruption is plain to see and obvious on the inside which a fellow wizard would perceive. About 5 years ago . [–]genteel_wherewithal 3 points4 points5 points 2 years ago (0 children). Khayon is talking about mutations in the Thousands Sons post-Rubric, his own included, and notes that Ahriman is deluded in thinking that he doesn't have any. [–]dvmitto 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (2 children). Which is why it's wrong to just say "Khayon's definitely wrong about Ahriman's face." Why even debate when we know that there isn't an answer? That's all. The Rubric Marines slowed to statuesque dormancy.
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