More specifically they have their designs made by their partnered factory Rowen Manufacturing, which is based in Idaho Falls. American made knives are harder to find in chain stores and now even local hardware stores seem to have Made in China on most of the inventory for sale. He has served in Kosovo as a United Nations Police Officer and Iraq as an International Police Adviser. So for all you people out there that think all Chinese knives are junk, it’s time to start expanding your horizons and picking up some awesome knives you’re missing out on. Case Knives. They make several versions of a single bladed assisted opening models such as the Mid-Folding Hunter. They don’t seem to have a huge operation as of this writing, so getting one of their knives might take a while, but it seems like anyone who’s gotten one will tell you ecstatically that it’s worth it. Our knives are held to the highest standards by … I’ll put Case knives in here as soon as I have the time. I am impressed with their design. I recently bought at a gun show the Spyderco Tenacious pocket knife I did not have my glasses with me. Great prices on American made Barlow pocket knives and hundreds of pocket knives & fixed blade knives made in the USA. When you’re picking the perfect pocket knife, first and foremost, you want something that will last you forever. 99 $45.90 $45.90 They don’t, however, make any knives with those innovations in the US. Thanks for the heads up, Don. If it’s 420HC or (more rarely) S30V or 154CM, there’s a good chance they made it in the states. This is a pretty well established outdoor knife brand, despite only existing as a company since 2001. As a child I was given my first pocket knife by my Dad. Esee Knives I personally have two of which I purchased. My morality, my work ethic and respect for others was seeded into my psyche by them. cut all those lines out of their catalogs, factory and distribution center in Rocky Mount, American tradition of owning a Case knife, the company that had been manufacturing for them, Forseti Steel Ironside Damascus Tracker Review, How Cryogenic Hardened Steel is Helping Your Knife, Applegate-Fairbairn Covert (and the Mini, Auto, and Combat versions), Gator Series (1, 2, Gatormate, and Gator Premium), MP600 Series ( Basic, Carbide, Scout, D.E.T., ST), Full Size Ka-Bar, Black (straight and serrated edges), Full Size Ka Bar Foliage Green (straight and serrated edges), Ka-Bar 120th Anniversary U.S. Army Edition, Ka-Bar 120th Anniversary Dog’s Head Edition, Mark I, leather handle (straight and serrated edges), Mark I, Kraton G handle (straight and serrated edges), Short Ka-Bar (straight and serrated edges), USMC Ka-Bar (all blade types and presentation grade), U.S. Army Ka-Bar (straight and serrated edges), Short Tanto (straight and serrated edges). TecX knives, however, are all made in China. We’ve rounded up the best of the best for this collection of superb USA-made fixed blade knives. This man apparently came up with a new way of forging knives called “friction folding” which essentially involves an immense amount of pressure applied in a stirring motion along what will become the edge of the knife. They’re also one of the few companies still making common use of the convex grind. Keep it up ‘Merica. Update: Ka Bar has recently made a similar partnership with Spartan Blades (now under the Pineland Cutlery Inc name), and are now making the Silver Grade knives for Spartan Blades in their New York factory. Which is impressive since they kept it up while literally moving all their equipment to Idaho. Reversible stainless pocket clip. Your email address will not be published. Case XX Knives has evolved more than just a knife manufacturing company. I can’t find any knives under any of these brands that are made overseas, so it looks like all three names are a signal of US manufacturing in their California and Nevada facilities, however they do outsource their MOLLE straps to Mexico and some of their heat treating is done by a third party in California. Ka-Bar has owned Becker Knife & Tool since 2007, when the company that had been manufacturing for them went bankrupt. Contact us today about advertising on Warriors & Sheepdogs. In the realm of assisted opening pocket knives, Case has stepped forward with their own version. Sign up for our email updates. Case Knives made in USA. All rights reserved. Anything that has the butterfly on it will be at the very least put together in the states. They used to manufacture a few lines overseas. Other than that, they do almost everything in house, creating the components in California and assembling in Nevada. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our photos. So instead of listing out a bunch of individual knives, I’m going to take a shortcut and clarify one thing: All Case knives are still made in the US. This is family company that started in the early 90’s. Whether you need a folding utility knife made in the USA or fixed blade American handmade knives, you can find them here. , despite only existing as a company since 2001. And since they almost always use very hard, premium steels (usually something like VG-10 or S30V), they have to laser cut all their blades rather than stamp them, which requires fairly specialized equipment that is both expensive to buy and train for. I don’t know exactly when they launched their Bear Edge line or the nature of the factory they use for it, but it seems to serve as a good source for hunting knives under the $50 mark. On the whole, Esee only manufactures Esee knives in America. All Case knives are proudly made in America, and the pocket knives are available in a huge variety of handles and patterns such as the Case Trapper, Stockman, Peanut and Doctor's Knife. Bark River | Bear and Son | Benchmade | Buck Knives | Camillus | Case | Diamond Blade Knives/Knives of Alaska | Emerson Knives | Esee Knives | Gerber | Hogue Knives | Ka-Bar | Kershaw | Spyderco | SOG. was founded by Charles Allen, an Alaskan wilderness guide and Texan biologist. For some reason I thought they had shifted to China, but a quick search shows they’re pretty much all US made now. I’ll be honest, I’m Canadian but I love made in US because it’s gonna be great! Hogue has been around since the 60’s, but their, didn’t start until around 2010 when they partnered with custom knife designer. After some digging, I did find that Acme United purchased a factory and distribution center in Rocky Mount, North Carolina back in 2016, and since I can’t find any reference to any other USA factories, I’m going to assume that’s where Camillus makes their American-made knives. There’s also the Gerber StrongArm, which also has softer steel that can take an edge, a nice rubber handle, and a striking pommel that could probably break a window. Alal their materials are sourced from and put together in the states. . Of all of the knives I reviewed and have written about, the most fun and enjoyable for me, is the pocket knife. Stripes of Service™ double bladed Mini Trapper with smooth black bone handles which have white strips and stars with a thin blue line is just beautiful. In actual numbers, that is 192 items made in USA and 29 items made overseas. The Ka Bar TDI Hinderance carries easy and takes a sharp enough edge that it would do pretty well with first aid kit materials (I mean the TDI Hinderance specifically, because the base TDI knife is made in Taiwan); This Mini Trapper rides in my right front jean pocket just fine. Kickstart® with smooth orange synthetic handles sporting a single blade trapper-lock is an excellent knife to have. Case is probably the most collectable knife line produced by any knife manufacturer. Your email address will not be published. These knives were sold at Kmart stores across the USA from the late 1970's through the mid 1990's. He has written for Engaged Media for 16 years, and for Harris Publications. He is co-founder of 401-Kids Inc. Foundation (Fight Child Abuse).
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