I am into wildlife and hate to use harsh chemicals…is there an alternative please. I would add the beautiful and unusual Persian Ironwood which doesn’t get huge and has beautiful leaves…. Good luck. It’s difficult to know what’s wrong with your Red Robin without seeing it, but here is a link to the RHS advice guides – scroll down to ‘problems’.https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=145#section-5 It looks as if you may be able to rescue it by feeding it and improving the drainage around it. Trees such as robinia and acacia have glorious leaf colour, but are considered ‘suburban’, says Caroline Garland. All non-evergreen trees (deciduous) shed their leaves in the autumn (fall). But in the last couple years we finally cut down a few scrub pines to let in more light to make room for a vegetable garden. It lists trees suitable for middle-sized gardens along with how fast they grow, which soil they grow in, etc. In terms of hedging: Privet (ligustrum) is really quick growing, as is cherry laurel (prunus laurocerasus). European Beech is one of the best bushes for privacy which is an extremely popular choice in Europe and for European-styled gardens. It’s a good idea to see what trees do well in your neighbours’ gardens because it’s not just temperature that affects the trees, it’s also how exposed and windy the area is and what kind of soil it has. I’ve found crab apple surprisingly good for screening, though it will take 2+ years before it’s properly established. Cotinus coggyria ‘Grace’ is usually grown as a shrub, but it we have pruned it into a tree shape. We are at the bottom of a hill , in a conservation area and our garden slopes down away from the house and is very overlooked. They came…, Fences for privacy – 9 great ideas for garden screening, Are you making the most of your fences for privacy and screening? It might be better to create private areas in the garden rather than aiming for privacy in the whole garden. Alot of cherry trees have a nice upright or ‘vase’ shape, rather than having spreading branches and this makes them a good choice if you want a tree that is going to keep to its own garden. Thank you :). Please call with any enquiries you may have or email salesteam@paramountplants.co.uk. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to The Middle-Sized Garden with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. This problem is particularly troubling to me since I am considering selling this house with the next two years to downsize. I am wanting to plant some Pyrus calleyrana ‘Chanticleer’ along my boundary where a new development is completely overlooking my garden. 9ft – 10ft tall around 3 sides of my rear garden. If your tree’s branches do cross into another person’s garden, they are legally entitled to cut them off. Both hold their leaves in winter, so maintain screening. 6ft to the side. In our current house we have pyracantha (from previous owner) growing right up against the house wall – we’re on clay soil, is this plant okay to grow against house walls in that case? The fence by the busy road had a large climbing vine or bush that obscured about 60% of the busy road. They have great blossom and beautiful leaf colour. So they say! I’ll start planning for next year and report back!! They are very pretty, so the neighbours might like them. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Research the different styles ahead of time and make sure to go off of the list of privacy trees that grow best in your hardiness zone. We are swaying towards getting rid of entire hedge of conifers (approx. We live in Middlesborough and wonder if you could recommend a small tree that won’t cause trouble or block too much light. Both her garden and the back windows of her house are protected from the gaze of the houses opposite, but she’s not causing light problems for her neighbours. I asked award-winning garden designer Charlotte Rowe what trees she would recommend for privacy. This article is so helpful, thank you. However small trees, particularly fruit trees, are the least likely to cause problems. A good, sturdy tree is an asset to any garden and will benefit your haven in many ways, from providing a shady restful nook to cleansing the air of pollutants and attracting colourful birds and insects. The information on espaliered trees is very interesting–thank you. If it’s in a pot you need something that’s about 2ft high but quite wide – bamboo roots are not deep but they do need some sideways space. I’ve seen several local specimens grow from spindly young whips into trees that provide good cover in around 4 years. Espaliered trees don’t have much spread, so should minimise the loss of light. please help :). I see one on my school run everyday and in autumn I think it is the most gorgeous tree and it cheers me up every day. But I hope this helps. At maturity, weeping willows can grow to an impressive height of 40 feet and span 35 feet in width. 's board "Best trees for privacy" on Pinterest. Weeping Willow wins the race when it comes to trees. Establishment is best if you plant shrubs at no taller than 1m (3¼ft), or trees at 1.8m (6ft) If the area to plant is exposed, you may need to establish a shelterbelt or windbreak so that the screening plants benefit from the protection, especially as young specimens ; Ensure that the ground is prepared for planting. The RHS says that a tree should be three-quarters of its height away from the house. They need to be quite tall ( four metres) as this is to obscure my local councils 360 degree viewing scope, CCTV surveillance camera which stands in the car park next to my garden and has the scope to spy on the whole of my back garden and bungalow. To start, walk around and pinpoint the view you want to hide, then be precise about placement of your privacy trees: Move them around, forward and back, right and left, to determine what provides the best screening. But if you want privacy soon, then consider how fast the tree grows.
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