Thankfully I only got 30 before nerfs to the respawn strat and cost increase made getting any more a waste. Boom. I like to use Cadians for my chaos cultists, give them a bare head, couple of spikes on their shoulders, maybe a tentacle or two for nurgle. The Champion with power maul is also a solid mini, and requires very little conversion work to be a … Pete: Chaos Cultists are that low-cost, ever-useful and disposable unit that are great for holding those backfield objectives or just soaking up the fire that would otherwise have been directed at your more valuable units. Cults are often comprised of a large mess of people who for some reason or other have forsaken their duty, and a demagogue, who is the spiritual and sometime martial leader of the Cult. It can include up to 10 additional Chaos Cultists (Power Rating +3), up to 20 additional Chaos Cultists (Power Rating +6) or up to 30 additional Chaos Cultists (Power Rating +9).Each model is armed with an autogun. The Cultists are the big upside here; Chaos Space Marine armies need troops, and taking squads of 10 cultists at 40 points each to fill out a Battalion is a very good strategy. ... causing public order problems among their populace and occasionally inciting rebellion as your cultists rise up against their misguided leaders. However, regardless of how easily replaceable these endless hordes of meatshields are, it shouldn’t mean that they deserve any less attention when modelling your army. A Chaos Cult is a group of people worshiping the Ruinous Powers, either selectively or as a unified power. The last way - try something else! Back to CSM now. This unit contains 1 Cultist Champion and 9 Chaos Cultists. Only you decide how your cultists … Chaos Leaders: Archaon the Everchosen. The Chaos army has no use for settlements and as such travel as a mighty horde. Besides, there are many ugly and damaged (both in a good way) heads which you may use for your Chaos army. Minimum changes and your cultists will look much better than their standard version. Yeah I have a Word Bearers army that I was going to have 120 cultists in.
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