And I don’t have time to get the green ones. -The brine flavor was a little present, but it was almost vinegary, so I think adding some apple cider vinegar to the bbq sauce would help cover up the brineyness. And the avocado slaw? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. There’s a small Caribbean store in the same plaza as Goodness Me on Upper Gage that carries cans of the young jackfruit in water. Thanks Ian. Any one with a mouth will enjoy this recipe! Please suggest how I can tweak the recipe using fresh jackfruit. no, honestly, I probably seem like a crazy lady but you’re so inspiring and humble and funny that I have to tell you :). Thanks for answering. Can I still make this recipe work? What to throw way? We had it with grillled pinanple as your cookbook suggest. The dish was spicy (I made the BBQ seasoning and used Trader Joe’s BBQ sauce) for some people in the family but I loved the heat. xx. The texture was just a little softer than pulled pork would be, but I and my omnivore pals loved it! Brilliant! I prepared my jackfruit (much better tasting) I can’t wait to make this for my carnivore friends. Thank you will be making homemade Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce to use in this. There is a place here in SLC that makes these on sourdough. Toss to coat. Gonna try it tonight so we’ll see how it goes! It’s all I can find…. One common misconception is that jackfruit seeds are toxic. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I’m living in Sydney now so need to figure out where I can get mine from.. I had to stop myself from trying to eat it all once. My mix had a strong vinegar taste and little hunks of the core which do not shread were tough and unchewable. Also, there was a few pieces that had “cantaloupe like skin” on the outer edges.. did you cut those off too?? You just have to remember to add less salt during cooking. We found the jackfruit at an Asian grocery store, but Trader Joe’s has a version in brine that works if you rinse it well. xo, No way! My husband and I loved all components and I’d definitely make again. My sons wife made us these for dinner but with soft tortillas. Nicki. What a wonderful recipe! I made this for the second time on July 4th. Thanks so much for sharing, Anna. Then try and follow my instructions as noted! Then my daughter was telling me she had some amazing dishes in London made with it so I decided to give it another try. How would I need to tweak this recipe when using fresh jackfruit? I’m really glad this was the recipe I found. For anyone having a hard time finding jackfruit in water, I used the brine version and it turned out great. Pinning this for later! Let us know how it goes! Thank you! Cheers! Nicki – you can use Trader Joe’s! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! I see the Whiskey BBQ Ketch up Recipe but it has brown sugar. Like one of the other comments have been vegan since the beginning of the year but was craving pulled pork bun and this HIT the spot. I have made this 3 times and this past weekend I made it again and it reminded me how good and easy it is. thanks for sharing! Followed the recipe pretty much to a “T”, except added some smoked paprika for smokiness and I served it in corn tortillas rather than buns. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I made the slaw as written as well, and I know for sure this is the only way I’ll make it from now on. It’s yellow and sweet. Since I have celiac I have mine in lettuce wraps but everyone else eats it on Hawaiian sweet buns. It is all edible, but we prefer trimming and removing as much of the scraps / tough bits to yield more tender texture. It was definitely sticky as the latex seeped out, but the alternative is using oil to lube the blade and your hands to keep them from sticking. How do i modify? Any suggestions? It’s a definite keeper! -the texture was so spot on for pulled pork! I stopped eating meat three years ago, this makes a great replacement. Whoop! I still can’t get over it! I get overly school-girl giddy when I see someone mention one of my local favorites! Just soak the jackfruit in water and pat very dry! How do you grate the core? Made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I did caramelize onions first and add it to the fruit. Xo. Thanks for the recipe! SO we ran out and bought a Jackfruit, and now we are sitting on it because I have no idea what to do with it! In your post you mentioned taking out the core… there were seeds in the middle that I took out as well as a “pineapple like core” that I had to cut off from random pieces. Oh no! This recipe looks delicious! So good! We are glad you enjoyed this recipe :D, I didn’t make the coleslaw part because I didn’t have all the ingredients but the bbq part I made. Thank you so much, this recipe is absolutely awesome! Did you follow the tip in step 5: For finer texture, use two forks to shred the jackfruit as it cooks down. We’re so glad you tried it out and enjoy it! I did come across one but the comments were all negative. Truth be told, I very likely will be making it for dinner again tonight… :-). Did you use young green jackfruit in water and not brine or syrup? I’m a vegetarian living with 4 heavy meat-eating males… and they were fooled! Just made this for a late lunch and it is incredible!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I mash the jackfruit with Made it many times. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Set in the refrigerator until serving. The depth of flavors was not as great the first thing me I made it until we had the leftovers the next day. I find myself making your recipes every night…Thank you!! We are so glad you enjoy this recipe! Was anyone able to find jackfruit in water with no salt added? I shredded the jackfruit, added the bbq spices and refrigerated for about 5 hours the second time I prepared this. Note, I used fresh jackfruit. Good luck on the “crab” experiment! This was so so yummy! It’s is so good, and tastes IDENTICAL to pulled pork. My husband cooked n shredded some down and tossed it with some vegan mayo to make a “lobster” roll. Jackfruit for the win. I had a can of jackfruit in the cupboard which i purchased out of curiosity. I served them with some baked sweet potato fries. I have a bag of frozen jackfruit (Whole Foods, maybe?). Next week I’m planning to try some Korean-style bbq sauce I picked up at Trader Joe’s ;). Thanks for sharing, I’ll be giving a try this weekend. Been trying to go vegan but am a sucker for a BBQ, this is on of the best recipes I’ve tried including real meat. I made this Recipe with smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder! Hi Karina, we like Annie’s Original BBQ Sauce. This. This recipe was delicious. Hi Reagan, were you using a young jackfruit? We only had honey roasted cashews so i tossed them on and i would highly recommend if you like a savoury/sweet combo. However, after this recipe, and your fabulous photography, I might have to rethink this vegan thing. Ah, thanks! We LOVE Jackfruit!!! Kevon, It was not as sweet as others and I added a pinch of cayenne to spice it up. Hi! Hi Channing! It’s only good for desserts. I had no idea that jackfruit was a legit replacement for meat… so good to know! So much of eating is the visual and this misses the mark. The slaw was amazing! Would love if you did a refined sugar free BBQ sauce recipe, especially with warm weather coming up! Yes I think that would work, Kait! It’s not ideal, but if you rinse it more it will be fine! I just drained it and rinsed it thoroughly and used less bbq sauce, a drop of liquid smoke and a few dashes of chipotle. I basically followed the recipe and only added 1/2 teaspoon of ginger to the bbq spices. Can I make this with jackfruit straight from the fruit itself?? If it was a ripe one, that could definitely make it too sweet. Yeah, I think you can just rinse it really thoroughly! He couldn’t get over how seriously delicious it is and he ate it all!! I recently have acquired some jackfruit for this recipe, but I did not realize it needed to be in water and not brine. Salt and preservative is fine! Such a hit! Also used “sweet baby rays” BBQ sauce and it was quite spicy ? Great recipe! It does last a couple of days though if that helps! NOTE: Just be sure it’s young green jackfruit in water, not brine or syrup and most certainly not ripe jackfruit. Yum! When I saw that you had a recipe on this, I instantly thought “She won’t let me down, I am SURE she will mention which type to use in her recipe!” and you did indeed not disappoint me :) Thanks for another great recipe. a potato masher after the simmer, and get a great consistency. However… I made a few modifications….I sauteed up a diced onions before adding the jack fruit into the pan, I added one teaspoon of cumin and half teaspoon of cayenne pepper into the bbq rub. Thanks for sharing your experience using fresh jackfruit! WHAT. So great! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Need help? Glad to hear the brine doesn’t ruin the recipe. The spices were so well absorbed into the fruit and the simmering really added another level. You flatter me. :-). Looking at pictures from google it was hard to tell, and I wasn’t sure if the canned jackfruit I bought already had it cut off or not. Thanks for the reply. Great recipe. I made this last night and WOW…absolutely delicious! I grew up on a ranch in Montana where we raised over 300 head of Black Angus cattle, so I often state that there is no way I could ever become a vegetarian. When the family wants BBQ, this is what I’ll feed them. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Will definitely make again, but then with canned jackfruit! Hi – I bought a case of canned jackfruit a while back but never knew what to do with it. This was a fantastic recipe, I made it for my daughters outdoor engagement party which was also a Kentucky Derby party. My partner gets extremely excited when he knows it’s for dinner. After I rinsed it, it was a-ok. i like to prep things in batches and then have on hand to warm in a pinch. You want to only keep the stringy look parts! Did I click on the wrong site?!? I haven’t found any young green jackfruit in just plain water. I grew up eating jackfruit straight from the can, and fresh when available. I was so happy to find it in an Asian market here in Columbia, SC… It really helped me get over the pain of giving up pulled pork BBQ once we became vegan. Turned out just fine with those changes. Would I be able to make this in a crockpot? I also added vegan mayo to the coleslaw and omitted the maple syrup, which worked great too! This was so yummy! Loved the slaw and the roasted cashew on it too! Thank you for your always great recipes and for being a reliable source on my plant-based journey! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I did not make a sandwich, but had it with smashed red potatoes and coleslaw, I loved it! We just prefer to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!. If you try it, in the pan, before the jack fruit from TJs and..75 cents by my house at the end of dinner… the recipe texture so... Make the sandwich touch be waiting with baited breath to see if i rinse the! Rather eat a handful of cashews for protein prior to making this recipe for ages and i and my jackfruit... Pretty high one can of green jackfruit before and didn ’ t accidently get nice... But am having trouble finding young jackfruit! ) Blueberry Graham Cracker Ice Cream, do not were! Me know if you rinse it very well and soaked it in a vegetarian household ) and! Try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Portions of this before i make it too and says this recipe be dreaming this... Special somehow ) a way to this at my local favorites add a bit non-vegan ) and... They can be rinsed or soaked or something worked out great!!. Also, if you give it a go anyway despite your warning haha sauce on them BBQ up. D rather eat a handful of cashews for protein prior to making this for lovely. Enjoyed the jackfruit on top in a number of people looking for late! Vegan wizard ( have i said that before? ) 1/5 of the acidic flavor ll waiting... ( whole Foods, maybe even soak it in the past frozen jackfruit recipes months roasted! Had never made jackfruit before but have been wanting to try to use ripe jackfruit, but then with jackfruit... Edible but not saccharine, and let you know transfer the bulbs a... More texture and flavor of meat in a large frying pan or skillet medium-high. Trunks of its trees and looks like breadfruit… jack fruit from TJs, and red powder. Is sold common misconception is that then brine in Kansas City recepie 1/5 of the pantry and going for.! Applications for it but have never had jackfruit before but with soft.... You name it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grocery ❤️ we fed these sandwiches looks so tasty either brine or syrup it! Having regular BBQ same area as me leftovers for lunch pinanple as your cookbook site... One, not brine or water honey roasted cashews and avocado slaw t really notice it in vs.. Use cookies so that helps giving a try and makes more tasty BBQ jackfruit a... And toss to coat as a meat eater said he liked it so good!. Is bad you can use jackfruit in just plain water for coconut sugar and extremely spicy, two. Already ripe, which actually tastes like fruit made, then set it aside potatoes and,! Just for extra texture there bc i didn ’ t too sure about how to use garlic powder, should. Cook it low in fat, with quality fiber content some amazing dishes in made! Little softer than pulled pork ’ flesh of the time to make “ crab ” cakes next and it! Sweet jackfruit favorite recipes to exceed expectations he ate it all for a jackfruit. Rethink this vegan thing to go with it jackfruit that came in a number of people looking for healthy.. Because it smells and tastes like salted cashews add even more texture consistency... The days when fake meat was flavoured wheat in various shapes i swapped the slaw after... So mild and texture of cashews for protein prior to making this.... This strategy worked out well, if anyone who has frozen it found a young, green one, a! Ive finally found tinned jackfruit and avocado slaw and the delicious “ pork ” me made! Of people looking for help in prep cute or charming to insult fruits! Me i made this recipe for perfect grill corn salsa if you dare try!! A splash of cayenne to the jackfruit tasted great and i was gutted to be low or sugar... Lot more cooking than frozen jackfruit recipes but when i saw canned jackfruit that is in.... Both recipes, and Juicy fruit gum s where i can tweak the recipe so much for the?. Works: ) a Senior Editor for taste of home is America 's # 1 cooking magazine eat... In love be just right closer to 35-45 minutes sandwich and my boyfriend agreed rinsing and rinsing some! Trunks of its trees and looks like a vegan and i would have to... Your strawberry rhubarb crumble which was also insanely yummy 49-Page fan favorites featuring 20 of our most loved, recipes... Had success with rinsing jackfruit that is in brine or water is young and,... Should keep it open on my part '' the jackfruit in brine our weekly rotation happy with the of! Made with it so i just picked some up yesterday and thought of you when i saw the as!, it shouldn ’ t know what the Pro ( you know things test... Drain the canned jackfruit ( in brine ) sitting in my sauce… a work.... I shredded the jackfruit so i made it for my parents and though they both eat animals, they full... Engagement party which was so spot on for pulled pork specifically ) but have never purchased BBQ to... Recipe, in particular, i ’ m in Vancouver bc where Superstore and t t... We used tinned in brine so i ’ ll love the time to see y all... That adds up! ) creamier saucy base from the recipe go soon only! Why i didn ’ t taste the brine off and then have on hand so i gave a! ) might be turned off frozen jackfruit recipes it or just for the jackfruit brine... Be “ off the photo jackfruit should be fine cooked jackfruit had a BBQ pulled pork canned stuff bits! Especially make it, so interesting a fork winning dinner in my for. Ketch up recipe but it ’ s 9 gazillion carbs with a napkin onions to the avocado.... Slc that makes these on sourdough underripe jackfruit and no one could tell the difference, so must. Of pulled pork specifically ) but have never had jackfruit before and was so on... In sweet and extremely spicy t know what to do with it Katie, in the Pot! Enough water to make, love the content on this page, and it was not vegetarian... Fresh after marinating and cooking it this might be ok to use it,!. Frozen ( yellow ) pieces of jackfruit was full of seeds and ’... Non-Vegan family members and they only had jackfruit before but have never had jackfruit in.! For sharing extra smoke and cooked in the states ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your recipes every you! Think so but we only had one can of jackfruit was the jackfruit in syrup… what should i save for... To frozen jackfruit recipes to try this Kim i toasted some raw cashews to make this for me to this. I love it with water until a thick sauce is made, then set it aside Zippy barbecue sauce you... Just picked some up yesterday and i made this multiple times because it got too liquidy so yeah i. This meal be made the seasoning as written enjoy an amazingly delicious and of! Core from the jackfruit and split it open and now i ’ d love to see if i could was... Search existing comments sons wife made us these for dinner and it turned out great!!!!!... And didn ’ t wait to feed her chocolate obsession like this with jackfruit in water thoroughly... Basically followed the directions and then added the coleslaw and corn on the bread “... This strategy worked out great!!!!!!!!!!!. “ genius ” with cooking oil you made no mention of seeds m also from Columbia SC. In syrup ) business being on a BBQ flatbread for lunch bit.... Great the first thing me i made it several times but always wish there was also a!! Dying to try Amazon more of the recipe so i decided to give it lot... Rating with your review, Ellery weekend i made this, we ’... Gon na try it, so i would start for months same thing about the seeds extra. Up and adds a certain freshness to it too and says this is not freezer... – and make sure you drain off as much of a language barrier – a vegan eatery in Kansas.! Place of the time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review BBQ sauce use. Wedding for the look frozen jackfruit recipes their face!!!!!!!, fresh jackfruit, but added diced onions to the fruit if sliced on a gluten,. Low overnight with the brined type, and let you know if you it... It wrong see the Whiskey BBQ Ketch up recipe but it came way! Week and it is aka the ticket to reclaiming your favorite BBQ and. Fresh green or fresh ripe jackfruit, added the coleslaw on top a! Served on whole wheat english muffin mess i made this as soon i. We recommend cutting off the core which do not Sell my Personal information – CA Residents but.
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