Dan McCaslin: Trespass Trail and Circumnavigation of Gaviota Peak Late fall is a good time to take the loop hike featuring splended views Peter and Ryan view coastal mountains from Trespass Trail. Mountain biking singletrack in Gaviota State Park. The Trespass Trail and Tunnel View Trail are just two of a number of trails that can be found within Gaviota State Park. The trail begins at the fire road and junctions at Trespass Trail … The park, which extends from the beach north to Highway 1, covers more than 2,000 acres of mixed oak woodland and chaparral. A fun ride though! From the trailhead, you start out on Gaviota Peak Fire Road for just a 1/4 mile before taking a right turn on to Trespass Trail.From here there are some doubletrack sections intermittently dispersed for the … The rest of us climbed up to the Trespass Trail and looped back around for some higher (and even drier!) Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews. The Tunnel View Trail leads you to the same spot as where the Trespass Trail goes, so it's worth doing if you have the time/energy. Trespass Trail The Trespass Trail soon leaves the woods and crosses a grassy hillside, giving the first views of US 101 and Gaviota Canyon.The route curves in and out of a drainage then ascends more … The main trailhead is just off Highway 101 in Gaviota State Park. Then to the little side trail leading to the Gaviota … Buy Trespass trail Gaviota by Jeff Brady (eBook) online at Lulu. We continued back on the Trespass Trail to the main Gaviota Peak Trail. Fairly technical and narrow trail with little to no shade. The main trail is 6-mile round trip while the scenic Trespass Trail is a tremendously scenic 6.5-mile loop with 2,150 feet of elevation gain. Trespass Trail starts from the Gaviota Peak Fire Road and heads to the top of Gaviota Mountain, then descends back to Gaviota Peak Fire Road.The first part of the trail features some doubletrack … Once you get back on Trespass, keep heading downhill and you'll re-connect with the Gaviota … The hike along the length of the Trespass trail … views.
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