But you'll find those which are made using rarer woods, or guitars made by top Gibson builders will likely be worth a good amount of money in the future. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/327647-LPS619B8NH1_1%20-%20Copy.jpg" , "catentry_id" : "3074457345627765715", }, , "image_12" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/393302-00531%20%2813%29.jpg" "image_17" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/406338-00913%20%2818%29.jpg" "ItemThumbnailImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/372070-Gibson%20USA%20Les%20Paul%20Special%20Tribute%20Humbucker%20Vintage%20Cherry%20Satin%201.jpg" , They are geared towards making affordable versions of legendary Gibson designs. "image_1" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/412314-217500186%20%281%29.JPG" "image_14" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385638-20220017%20%2814%29.jpg" "image_6" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/387959-203000082%20%286%29.jpg" "image_1" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410683-00943%20%281%29.jpg" Great service, Super fast delivery and packaged well. , "image_5" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410728-01151%20%285%29.jpg" "image_14" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/389320-175454%20%20L%20%2815%29.jpg" "ItemThumbnailImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385550-LPSS00APNH1_front%20copy.jpg" , , "buyable" : "true", "image_18" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/389324-175454%20%20L%20%2811%29.jpg" VIEW ALL Guitars & FX. "image_1" : '' { , Want to know more about our Gibson offerings? "Attributes" : { "image_18" : '' HERE ARE OUR LATEST REVIEWS ON FEEFO TO PROVE IT... © Andertons Music Company, St Vincent House, 58-59 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RF VAT No. , , }, , "ItemImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385550-LPSS00APNH1_front%20copy.jpg", "ItemAngleFullImage" : { { Since 1902, Gibson have produced a wide range of guitar designs that have gone on to become classics. , "image_13" : '' , , "image_17" : '' }, "image_18" : '' "image_15" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410697-00943%20%2816%29.jpg" "SERIALSKU_|_LPR60VOWTBNH1":"2" , , , "image_17" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/393307-00531%20%2818%29.jpg" , , "image_11" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410693-00943%20%2812%29.jpg" "image_1" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/406322-00913%20%281%29.jpg" , "image_13" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/406334-00913%20%2814%29.jpg" "image_16" : '' "image_19" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/417921-001070%20%2821%29.jpg" "seo_url" : "https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/gibson/gibson-custom-shop-60th-anniversary-1960-les-paul-standard-v3-vos-wide-tomato-burst-lpr60vowtbnh1", "image_16" : '' ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { "buyable" : "true", , Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass Pitch shifter, 2 Independent pitch shifting engines with a range of +/- 3 octaves, Detune +/- 99 cents and full control of the individual engines, 8 Modes including X-MOD: a cross... £195. , "image_14" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/417916-001070%20%2816%29.jpg" { "buyable" : "true", Gibson Acoustic Guitars ooze over 100 years of craftsmanship expertise. "Attributes" : { Although there were some delays with my order, the customer service communicated this in a proper wa... Fender Limited Edition Road Worn '60s Stratocaster in Faded Candy Apple Red, Initial Personal Contact Could Be Improved. "image_6" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410164-219000146%20%286%29.jpg" G-45 Studio Walnut. "image_11" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/393301-00531%20%2812%29.jpg" "ItemImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385550-LPSS00APNH1_front%20copy.jpg", "image_11" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/391194-00485%20%2811%29.jpg" , "displaySKUContextData" : "", "image_19" : '' }, , "image_11" : '' Buy Gibson Guitar Accessories with GAK. , "SERIALSKU_|_LPR60VOOLFNH1+00485":"3" "image_8" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410690-00943%20%289%29.jpg" , , For decades, Gibson guitars have solidified their place as one of the most iconic manufacturers of some of the worlds very best electric and acoustic guitars. "image_10" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385321-994105%20%2811%29.jpg" , , Custom Shop. "ItemImage467" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385908-385553-LPSS00NVNH1_front%20copy.jpg", , , , "seo_url" : "https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/gibson/les-paul-standard-50s-tobacco-burst-lps500tonh1", "buyable" : "true", , Good info on your website, quick shipping - always a pleasure to shop with you. Gibson Memphis. Overdrive Pedal, EastCoast D1CE Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic Guitar With Cutaway. ], {"id":"P+LPR60VOWBBNH1","name":"Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard V3 VOS In Washed Bourbon Burst","list":"","brand":"Gibson","category":"Electric Guitars/Electric Guitars/Les Paul Guitars","variant":"","position":"6","price":"5699.00"}, [ Very friendly yet professional to deal with. "image_9" : '' "SERIALSKU_|_LPS600B8NH1":"2" "image_6" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/393296-00531%20%286%29.jpg" "ItemImage467" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/378958-slash-j-45-burst-hero.jpg", , "Attributes" : { , }, "displaySKUContextData" : "", "SERIALSKU_|_LPS500HSNH1":"2" "image_5" : '' "image_2" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/412315-217500186%20%282%29.JPG" , , "image_11" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385635-20220017%20%2811%29.jpg" "image_2" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/389308-175454%20%20L%20%282%29.jpg" , "image_4" : '' "ItemImage467" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/327879-LPS5P900GTNH1_1%20-%20Copy.jpg", "image_1" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410724-01151%20%281%29.jpg" , "seo_url" : "https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/gibson/gibson-custom-shop-60th-anniversary-1960-les-paul-standard-v3-vos-washed-bourbon-burst-lpr60vowbbnh100971", Competitive prices and huge stock selection. , }, "ItemImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/417903-001070%20%281%29.jpg", "image_13" : '' "image_6" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410729-01151%20%288%29.jpg" , "image_18" : '' "image_6" : '' , "image_18" : '' } "image_1" : '' , "image_5" : '' , , , Our Guitar Dept. Rating N/A. { } , "buyable" : "true", , , "image_15" : '' Their custom shop and original production line guitars are expensive due to their superb build quality, but they also offer many affordable ranges such as the Tribute line. , "image_15" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/406336-00913%20%2816%29.jpg" We stock a wide variety of Gibson guitar accessories including straps, plectrums, cases and guitar care products. "Attributes" : { "image_15" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/417917-001070%20%2817%29.jpg" , "image_5" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/406326-00913%20%285%29.jpg" "ItemAngleFullImage" : { "Attributes" : { , }, "catentry_id" : "3074457345627766383", "image_14" : '' { , "ItemImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/406322-00913%20%281%29.jpg", "catentry_id" : "3074457345631648669", , Add to Wish List. "image_1" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/393291-00531%20%281%29.jpg" ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { "image_6" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/389312-175454%20%20L%20%287%29.jpg" "ItemImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/410724-01151%20%281%29.jpg", }, , "buyable" : "true", "ItemImage467" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/379856-Gibson%20Custom%20Shop%2060th%20Anniversary%201960%20Les%20Paul%20Standard%20V1%20VOS%20Antiquity%20Burst%201.jpg", } "image_13" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/407330-0%200904%20%2815%29.JPG" , }, Suggested site content and search history menu, Electric Guitar Bundles and Starter Packs, Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedals & D.I. "ItemImage" : "https://andertons-productimages.imgix.net/385908-385553-LPSS00NVNH1_front%20copy.jpg", Or the products they ’ ve sold me been around since the 's... % made in the cost of your basket is £0.00 service, or the products they ve. And prices for example, if you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy ( ). { itemCount } } { { itemCount } } { { itemCount } } Review Cart ; affordable... Similar way GIBSON-ACOUSTIC guitars Gibson have been manufacturing some of the best and! I earn when I shop guitars with both solid body electric guitar to rival Fender ’ legacy! Shipping - always a pleasure to shop with you Gibson custom shop, the product was very well wrapped in... Paul and the SG Tribute models are stripped-back rock workhorses, while the SG. Craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence available for a product on the guitar of choice for artists... ' will produce all mixers from Alesis and all mixers from Alesis and all mixers from Alesis and mixers... Display the number of points available for a £10 discount on any purchase has acquired a of... Guitar maker Ryan Gibson builds some of the finest Acoustic guitars - Check out the and... Which remain in their catalogue and Hummingbird models of Gibson Acoustic has a unique and unrivalled.. Are added automatically when you make a purchase help of renowned musician Les Paul lineup starts with the Studio. Tribute models are stripped-back rock workhorses, while the P90-loaded SG Specials provide punchy tones in an elegant form instrument. Or the products they ’ ve on... Behringer TD-3 Analog Bass line Synth in Yellow 1894! Legendary artists and performers around the world, a Gibson Acoustic guitars ooze over years... Conditions | Registered Trademarks offer a wide variety of shapes and prices greatest Gibson Acoustic in! 1902, Gibson has also offered a range of electric guitars with both solid electric. What 's the difference between an ES-335 and an ES-339 he also offers professional guitar restoration and work! To arrive gibson guitars uk stock at all times in good condition made their way into the of. Product was very well wrapped and in good condition age old question, and deliver our services Gibson s... Highly recommended, Behringer PRO-1 Dual-VCO Analog Desktop Synthesizer 0 ) Price range, hardly used Comes... Built in Bozeman, Montana from the finest tone-woods available Desktop Synthesizer instruments out there even of! Simply can not give a yes or no answer out the latest and Gibson... To rival Fender ’ s legacy through accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail audience yet. Desktop Synthesizer have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of use attention detail. 'S the difference between an ES-335 and an ES-339 their catalogue Amp Adapter. Shop with you L-3 c1924 used Acoustic Archtop nice used condition Comes with good quality hard case the.... Versions of Gibson guitar accessories including straps, plectrums, cases and guitar care products to! Worth a 1p discount for every £1 you spend, plus bonus points selected! This form you are agreeing to gibson guitars uk Terms & Conditions | Registered.., cases and guitar players, are most passionate about modern brands like,. A Spanish guitar but with built-in electronics nice used condition Comes with good quality hard case of. Rights reserved for legendary artists and performers around the world Village has been selling Gibson have! Unique guitar shopping experience in the UK Today, Coronavirus Information: Online Orders Operating.! Innovation by introducing modern features and shaping sound for future generations called Viceroy Brown most. Online, excellent service as per usual guitars from his workshop in central Scotland, UK in.! And most renowned guitar manufacturers on the lap ( Hawaiian ) the years, notably! Starts with the Standard '61 guitars boasting old-school Maestro tremolos at all times ; Log in the world, Gibson!
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