Gretsch Guitars brings their luthier mastery to the world of ukuleles with the G9126 Guitar-ukulele. Featuring a solid quartersawn mahogany top and laminated mahogany body with an ovangkol fingerboard, this beautifully designed 6-string uke delivers great tone and feel. The Gretsch G9126 Guitar-ukulele’s organically warm tone comes courtesy of its mahogany top, back, and sides. The mahogany neck and ovangkol fingerboard are an ideal combination for optimizing the transfer of energy from the strings to the body, for a deep and rich sound. The tenor-size Gretsch G9126 Guitar-Ukulele lets any guitarist sweeten the proceedings with beautifully lilting ukulele tones. With six strings tuned "A" to "A" in standard guitar intervals, the G9126 is ideal for extended-range uke arrangements and is perfect for the younger player.
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