We only use specially harvested wood found locally. Woodpeckers. Thank you for taking the time and viewing our website. The wood is straight grained, moderately hard, … Natural edge slab measures approximately 90″ x 26″ x 1.75″. Hackberry Lumber. Finished Tops and Custom Natural Edge Slab Tables. All of our wood is professionally dried using a vacuum kiln, and ready to work into furniture or whatever product you have in mind. We are proud to carry a variety of species, including: walnut, ash, cherry, red oak, hickory, maple and more. It is 52 board feet. - Duration: 27:44. Other insect feeders include Corythucha celtidis (Hackberry Lace Bug), Taedia celtidis (Hackberry Plant Bug), and several Pachypsylla spp. Hackberry Woods. we currently have over 30 species of turning stock and thin dimensional lumber on sale, 40% off!!. online sale! Spalted Hackberry happens when the Hackberry tree has been exposed to decay. Wood Slab Sizes. This fine product is made of urban trees reclaimed from Minneapolis / St. Paul neighborhoods. Wood Slabs & Tables 877-983-6367 Live Edge Slabs, Rough or Sanded. Our natural edge wood slabs are perfect for any one-of-a-kind project, from furniture to accent decor to art pieces. *All slabs are kiln dried unless otherwise noted. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. Today, hackberry still is one of the most neglected hardwoods in North America, but for little explainable reason. From $18.99 ... Live Edge Hackberry Slabs Filter by. Hackberry trees can reach heights of 130 feet and 4 foot diameter. Wood Species: Hackberry. This Rocky Mountain kiln dry hackberry slab is 127" long x 22" to 26" long x 2" thick. King's Fine Woodworking 1,386,473 views Spalted Hackberry, Celtis occidentalis, is a medium-size deciduous tree native to North America. This slab has been milled flat to the finished thickness listed above. cherry slabs 896-7&8 simulation, approx. Sort by Hackberry (B 1039) 76" L x 15-16" W x 1.5" T. Sold Out View. These psyllids form small galls on the leaves, and they often disfigure them. The wood is stable and the decay stopped when it is kiln dried. Husband & Wife Mill Bent Hackberry Log With Wood-Mizer LT50 - Duration: 18:57. Hackberry wood has an irregular grain that can sometimes be straight or interlocking, and has a fine uniform texture. Some Hackberry produces striking black lines that provide a stunning c Our mill and large blades allow us to make decorative lumber as large as 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 20 foot long and wide slabs up to 60 inches wide 7 inches thick and 20 feet long and anything smaller so the possibilities are endless, almost. It is easy to work and very popular for steam bending. These natural edge wood slabs each have a distinct character perfect for your custom desk, dining table, mantel, natural wall art or whatever you can dream up. Bookmatched 2 14- 3 thick. *This is a one of a kind piece. OSMO Wood Wax Finish. (Note: In addition to live edge slabs, we also carry dimensional 1-inch hardwood lumber. March 4, 2015 March 26, 2015. 34 - Learn How to Make RAISED PANEL DOORS With solid wood. We carry live edge slab dining tables, slab bar tables, natural wood consoles, slab desks, slab wood twist pedestals, slab conference tables, and live edge slab art. Visit us on Facebook; Visit us on Pinterest; Visit us on YouTube We are a tiny herd of tiny dairy goats. 88-103 long. 44 likes. Color varies from a light yellowish gray to light brown. Wood Turning Clubs; Gallery. When the wood is processed before too much rot has happened the lumber should be sound and usuable, with little to no soft spots. We have been proudly satisfying customers across the nation with superior Live Edge wood products for more than 13 years. Our high quality, locally sourced Live Edge slabs are kiln dried and heat sterilized. Live edge wood is a type of wood characterized by its unfinished, natural edges. size 1.75″ x 56″ x 12′ Both Rough Slabs $1950 Cherry Log 877: Kiln Dried, Rough Slabs 2″ Thick x 12′ Long added October 2019 Spalted Hackberry happens when the Hackberry tree has been exposed to decay. Natural edge slab measures approximately 90″ x 28″ x 2.25″. The sapwood of hackberry is pale yellow to grayish or greenish yellow, while the heartwood is a yellowish gray brown to light brown. Thickness: 2.18" Length: 113" Narrowest Width: 21.87" Widest Width: 28" Average Width: 23" Note: Measurements are normally taken on the narrowest face, inside the bark. Located in Mount Enterprise, Texas, we harvest local hard and soft wood to bring you quality unfinished wood for your next project. The light colored heartwood is streaked with black lines which is actually fungus. ... Showcasing wood & mixed media works of art Showcasing wood & mixed media works of art Showcasing wood & mixed media works of art. Now, though, the wood becomes kitchen cabinets, inexpensive furniture, and … Our extensive selection of live edge wood includes cuts from several types of wood such as Hackberry, Oak, Spalted Maple, Ash, Black Walnut, among many others. Although those wonderful little nuts make a heavenly dessert, the wood they come from is just as divine. Hackberry's first commercial role was as hoops for barrels because of the wood's toughness and flexibility. Live Edge Slabs New Mexico offers an extensive selection of live edge slabs, live edge tables and custom woodwork in a variety of shapes, sizes and species. Born of hard work and dedication to excellence. Hackberry Hollow Studio. (Hackberry Psyllids). This fine product is made of urban trees reclaimed from Minneapolis / St. Paul neighborhoods. The Lord's Blessed us with a small part of His wonderful creation and has developed our talents and skills to provide quality craftsmanship for others to enjoy the beauty of His nature. check out the featured items under products or check out your favorite species to see the sizes that are on sale. Sure, it appeases the eye instead of the tastebuds, but it will leave you smiling, just like a pie on Turkey Day. Decor Direct has the largest selection of live edge slab wood in Florida! Our slab furniture is hand crafted one piece at a time- … Hackberry Slabs: 9 Slabs in Stock. SPALTED HACKBERRY 2 PC, 5 x 4, 6 x 4 TURNING WOOD DEEP BOWLS, SMALL PROJECT BLANKS #720161 $ 32.00 "Light to medium spalt throughout with almond background color" What you see in the picture is what you will receive, so please be sure and examine the picture and description thoroughly to make sure it is what you want. Pecan Wood Slabs Pecans aren’t just known for their pie anymore! Since the edges remain unchanged from the tree the wood is cut from, no two pieces of live edge furniture are exactly alike. Toggle Sidebar. Suite C-30 Arlington TX 76001 Your neighborhood source for Domestic and exotic Hardwoods and the largest selection of Live edge slabs in the DFW area! Dozens of Hackberry live edge slabs. Live-edge slabs for: desk tops, conference tables, coffee tables, bar tops, gathering tables, dining room tables, kitchen islands, nightstands, wall art, and other fine furniture. You are buying the exact slab of lumber in the image shown. also check out the select sizes of ebony turning stock that are 50% off! Appearance. Live Edge Wood - The Lumber Shack is a family owned and operated online Live Edge slab supplier based in Iowa. These slabs are kiln-dried and thickness planed. Price 150-275 per slab Beautiful grain Delivery to Spokane available 406-five29-five245Mantle, countertop, table top www.thewoodshedtexas.com Welcome to THE WOOD SHED, LLC 719 w Harris rd. Spalted Hackberry. Sold Out View. Kiln dried to 6-8. It is leveled and gauged. Below are some examples of the products we carry, such as fireplace mantels, book matched sets, live edge planks, one inch board bundles, and beams. Also known as the Nettletree or Beaverwood, it is a moderately long-lived hardwood with a light yellowish gray to light brown color with yellow streaks. Live edge wood slabs maintain a piece of wood's raw, rustic characteristics, often containing visible knots, grain, and burrs or burls. Hackberry (Celtis Occidentalis) is a medium size tree that originated in North America.Hackberry wood has little difference between sapwood and heartwood which is yellowish grey to light brown. OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner. ... We saw all of our own woods and the grains, knots and live edges of the slabs many times reveal what work-of-art is hidden inside. The larvae of several wood-boring beetles are known to feed on this tree (see Wood-Boring Beetle Table). The wood is sound and there are no soft spots. Woodpeckers 13700 Prospect Road Strongsville, OH 44149 1-800-752-0725 Connect. Properties. Turning Stock; Cutting Jobs; The Gator Table; Spalted Hackberry; Priceless Fruit Bowl; Turnings by Richard Levine; Woodworker’s Palette; Events; Videos; Slabs. Buy wood slabs direct and save. Regular price $26.99 View. easy step by step. Thank you for visiting Runquist Sawmill Services! The color is a mix of beautiful grays and browns. OSMO Polyx-Oil High Solid. We get our name from the hackberry trees that line the property. 20-29 wide. This slab has been milled flat to the finished thickness listed above.
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