OK, so you love catching catfish. Catfish are very slimy and this makes it hard to catch or hold them, unless you are an expert. Cut from the top, then down, beside the spine. Preparation. your own Pins on Pinterest It’s very soft and tender. Using the correct tools and technique you can clean a catfish in less than 15 seconds. An expert, knows the right spot to hold and how to tame a catfish. You will find that the catfish’s skin is thicker the larger it is. Drain the blood. The one thing I learned quickly was not to get stuck by the catfish horns. How To Clean Catfish Catch it, gut it, clean it, cook it. The leathery skin of a catfish demands a different approach to cleaning. Run the meat of the fish under your faucet to clean out any blood or residue from inside the body. 3 Answers. To begin, grasp the spine of the fish firmly and make a shallow incision all the way around its head with a sharp knife. Comments Off on How to Clean Catfish. I'd hazard to say that not many people could beat King's feat, though no doubt there are some fast catfish cleaners out there. Posted by Eric Nestor. Jul 3, 2014 - How to clean a catfish quickly and easily without skinning them. Prepare your fish to eat. Relevance. I eat 1 maybe 2 catfish per year and I think it's very important to get all the red or discolored meat off of the fillets! This will flush the dirty river water out of the catfish, giving it a much nicer and cleaner taste. Catfish can put up one heck of a fight when hooked by rod and reel. FLUSH IT. Cleaning them is another piece of work, but it is necessary to make sure that the fish are ready to eat, and that they taste delicious. Catfish is a scale less fish which is very very delicious when properly cooked. Our river, the Omabala River, provides us with different varieties of fresh fish like alila, asa, okpo, egbili, and ekwum. Step 1: Catch your catfish. This is why salt or ash is needed to wash off the sliminess. This requires some special steps in cleaning and filleting the fish. My method of holding became from the front with my left hand. Tutu Uncategorized July 28, 2018 July 28, 2018 2 Minutes. Everything you need to know about catfishing from bank to plate. Today I’ll be sharing with how I clean my catfish. The blood can be removed with other tips listed here. How To Clean A Catfish. Catfish are one of the tastiest fresh water fishes to eat, and catfish meat keeps well in the freezer until you have enough fish fillets to have a big catfish meal. You will find that its body is covered with skin, not scales like most fish. Jesse Griffiths October 1, 2012. Amateur and professional fishermen alike know the importance of cleaning a catch and storing it correctly, to preserve its freshness and taste for cooking. Fillet the Catfish. https://www.filipino-food-recipes.com/how-to-clean-catfish.html Leave them waiting for that adjustment for half an hour to ensure that all the blood is drained from the body and that a large white catfish meat is left inside. You can always, it's just stuff from the water, from their skin, nothing bad, but you don't want it. The best way to bleed out your fish is to cut through both gills. Lv 7. This is why you get so much blood on your cleaning station when cleaning live fish. September 29, 2020. MountainMan. Today what we're going to do is clean some catfish and gut it. Cut, skin and gut are the three keywords of fish cleaning. Favorite Answer. Preparing the Catfish. July 26, 2017 | Jessica Perkins. I’m a full-blooded Ada Omabala so it’s only natural for me to love fresh fish. This catfish filleting video will make your life a whole lot easier. Catching catfish is a lot of work, especially for those that enjoy noodling. Jul 6, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Adrienne. When you’re finished, pat the fish dry with a paper towel and put it back on your cutting board. 9 years ago. Skin the Catfish. Skin on or skin off? One of the first things you want to do is, catfish tends to come sometimes with this really kind of slimy outside. How to Clean Catfish. Discover (and save!) Start by purchasing an extremely sharp, specialized fillet knife. How to clean catfish: a guide. How to Skin and Clean Catfish: 14 Steps (with Pictures ... Top www.wikihow.com. Even after practicing caution, it is possible to still get stung by a catfish. YouTube: tkymasters. It features prominently in some of our local delicacies like ofe nsala, ove arigbi, ji mmili oku, and pepper soup. When you clean a catfish that is still alive the blood is flowing freely throughout the fishes’ body. Here’s a 10-Step Guide to Cleaning Catfish. Peeling the skin off the catfish requires less than one minute once you master the technique. How to Clean a Catfish by Yourself. Overall, the care of catfish does not vary from caring for your other fish. Once that happens, you need to clean the wound immediately and apply an antiseptic cream to the wounded area. Only use cold water since hot water could start cooking the fish. Even seasoned anglers sometimes have a hard time getting it perfect. Answer Save. There are many different ways of acquiring a fresh specimen of catfish… Soak the sponge in the water and remove it to scrub the body of the catfish. To begin, we suggest you place your live fish in a large holding tank for 3 to 4 days. Try applying a little force so that you will be able to pull out all the slimy substance from the fish. You can pick the bones out though some people like No the skin is not harmful, it just is not eaten most of the time for most fish you usually only want the meat inside because the skin is not that enjoyable for most people. -Clean and cook catfish-Clean and cook bass-Best shelter to build-How to skin, clean, and cook a rabbit should the opportunity arise-Anything else that may be helpful or necessary. So, you do not need to clean the skin of the fish from the scales, which means that. Read on to know more how to clean a large and non-scaly but tough-skinned fish, the catfish. None would go to waste. Rave Uno Mar 9, 2020 . Cut along the fish’s backbone until you reach its ribs. Wash the body out with cold water. Clean and wash catfish good. Fillet your fish from the tail on up. This video explains how to catch catfish, how to cook catfish and how to clean catfish. Here's a video of how I like to clean the flatheads that I selectively harvest. Drive it down, through the skull and into its brain. I liken it unto a bee sting. After that you should cover the wound with a dressing so that the wound does not come in contact with the surrounding air. Start off by removing the catfish’s head with either a knife or you can use a technique that gets the head and skin in one move. Lay the catfish on a clean surface and use a knife to euthanize it quickly. Cleaning them is a separate issue. Hang the catfish upside down by the hook or rope and remove the tail, this will drain the tubes to get all the blood out of the catfish. For me, it goes with peppersoup, okro soup, egusi, stew, anything you feel like using it to cook. Branded packages and electric nylon sealer or stapler. I prefer to use an American Angler MT3 electric fillet knife and can make pretty quick work of cleaning a fish using these tools. You should try to include a food that will settle on the bottom of the tank as these fish are bottom feeders. The first step to a terrific catfish meal is to find a fresh one. The more thorough the cleaning process, the less likely it is that the swamp smell of a freshwater reservoir will pass to the meat. Clean the catfish as soon as possible. You can do it in fifteen seconds or less. The size of the fish to be purchased will depend on your customers. First thing is to get rid of the layer of mucus. So what you can do is you can take the back of your knife and just kind of scrape away at it. Steps to properly clean and prepare your catfish Step 1. The cleaning will involve the removal of the gills, intestines and the use of clean water to rinse thoroughly when done. A nice catfish caught by Vicki Wynn - courtesy Crappie Gills 'N More. The top horn was between my thumb and index finger. It would help if you kept in mind that the fresher your catfish is, the easier it will be to clean and fillet, and the better it will taste. Bring a bowl of either warm or hot water near you. Cleaning catfish can be something that is challenging for some, but many go about it the wrong way. Hello and welcome to my blog. This video tutorial claims to show how to clean catfish in 15 seconds. Here's how. Position the tip in the center of the catfish’s head, at the back of the gills. This will teach you how to clean a catfish in just a couple of minutes, and open up a whole new world of fresh-water fishing to you. The fastest way to clean a catfish. It could puncture your skin and depending on the species of catfish, it may contain a poison or toxin. How to clean catfish. Kentucky boasts around 18 species of catfish, making it a very popular catch for anglers on Kentucky Lake. Let the edge of the knife follow along the ribs. Catfish feel more secure when they are hidden from the light, so be sure to have caves and hiding places for this type of fish. Make sure to remove the dirty water and add new clean water to the tank every day or every other day. Being properly prepared is an important part of properly cleaning catfish. This video is graphic. By first skinning the catfish, you can then either fillet it easily or leave it whole — but gutted — for frying that way, which is a stellar preparation for creek cats in the 14- to 16-inch range. How to Clean Catfish the Easy Way. Pour hot boiling water into the bowl containing the pieces of dried catfish until the water covers the fish. Today, I will be leading you through how to clean/wash catfish either for your catfish pepper soup or for roasting, step by step. To clean catfish with a sponge, place the catfish on a kitchen board. We would sometimes have up to 100 catfish to clean. Learn how to prepare, clean and filet a catfish in this simple, step-by-step guide. Cleaning fish and telling fish stories always held my interest.
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