For example: Collocations with the adjective (poor) instead of the noun (poverty): In the academic test, this is the best way to reduce repetition and to add variety to your task 1 answers. Main Exercises is a big part of my life and I think more people should take up physical activities and incorporate them into their daily life. For example, if you're describing a chart that shows percentages of poverty, you might think that you need to use synonyms of the word poverty in your answer. - deprived people Synonyms for IELTS. To begin with, relocating to other planets can be impossible due to its complexity; therefore the fund, which channelises to carry out such research, could be … At the beginning of the Listening test you are given 30 seconds to look at the question paper. Although ‘in my opinion’ is also commonly used. Yves | In my opinion, the responsibility lies with the government, who are not doing enough to help people lose weight and who have allowed food companies to take advantage of the situation. Remember- IELTS is different! in my judgement. Curb/ Kerb: (Curb - American | Kerb - British) (Verb) - To control, check, restrain, limit, a … Incredible, Fantastic, Fabulous, Astonishing, Extraordinary. Find more words! for my part. English. Throughout the IELTS Speaking test, you are expected to use a range of phrases when giving your personal opinion on a subject. - financially challenged individuals - NO to my thinking. Many students are not sure which opinion will give them a higher score. In IELTS one way to paraphrase is to use synonyms. In this case you should clearly mention that you partially agree with the opinion but to some extent you also disagree to this. Go to my speaking questions pages look for questions that ask for opinions and then give your opinion in as many different ways as possible without saying I think: part 1 questions from my own point of view. It should not simply be considered to be a synonym of “young people” – you should be aware of the cultural usage of the word. These opinion essay questions may appear in the actual examination: In the future, it seems more difficult to live on Earth. [CDATA[ There are few opinion essay IELTS topics that are listed down below, which you can practice. for my own part. for my part. Get unlimited access to the best preparation resource for UGC : Get detailed illustrated notes covering entire syllabus: point-by-point for high retention. - the marginalized group Here is an example of how a sentence can be re-written by using synonyms: The sentence above can be paraphrased as: Here is a list of how the sentence was altered using synonyms. Hy vọng với danh sách các từ trên đây, bạn có thể nâng cao và mở rộng vốn từ vựng của mình một cách tối đa. In the latest lesson on my member site, I talked about the problem of using synonyms. “In my opinion, + [your sentence]” In my opinion, a good education is more important than a good car. In my opinion, boys and girls should go to separate school/same school. Dear Mr Simon, i have to get 6.5 score in the ielts test with at least 6 for any skill. - financially challenged individuals Vocabulary for expressing partial agreement: In some cases you will have opinion or point of view that would not completely agree or disagree with a given opinion or statement. Find more ways to say opinion, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I’ve mentioned before that one way to extend your vocabulary is to note and learn unfamiliar words together with synonyms and antonyms.. You’ll recall that synonyms are words which are similar or have a related meaning to another word. in my eyes. Most of you preparing for IELTS are young people. An IELTS opinion essay requires you to give your opinion. Top in my opinion synonyms (phrases) are in my view, if you ask me and i think. Linking words are also called transitional words or connecting words and this article aims to enhance your linking word vocabulary and show you their use in different sentences. // Why Does Gus Want Lalo Out Of Jail, Dws779 Vs Dws780 Reddit, Concrete Lintel Wickes, Best Ammo For Browning Bda 380, Skoda Dsg Recall Australia,