I can't help you with any information regarding the … The roots will be fine at that distance. Some small fruit trees and ornamental trees are generally safe as well. gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9) 3 years ago. The drain field goes out into the yard in the opposite direction. They are smaller varieties than the Silver maple that can grow a large root system, and are notorious for causing problems to underground utilities and foundations. Japanese maple trees, for instance, are safe to plant relatively close to your house. Many years ago, perhaps 35, I planted a Japanese maple seedling about one and three-quarters meters from the foundation of my parents' house. They are also shallow rooted and shouldn't cause … The roots are shallow, typically down to about 2' deep so winter mulch is a good idea. If you are looking for companions for Japanese maples… Smaller trees with shallow roots, however, pose little risk to your home. It grows relatively large for a JM, so it doesn't need to be closer to the house than about 15', or it will swallow the house. It also needs partial to almost full shade, or the leaves will burn to a crisp in a warm climate. Japanese maples are slow growing and can be pruned for a smaller form or transplanted if it gets too large. It had been split in half, and no one expected it to survive the transplanting, but now it is perhaps 20 feet tall with a sizable trunk. Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are small, easy-care ornamentals with captivating fall color.They add elegance to any garden when planted alone, but Japanese maple companions can further enhance their beauty. Japanese maples typically put roots out a bit wider than their dripline, so worst case scenario puts the roots out around 25', possibly a few feet more unless you keep it pruned back (more about this further down). I have grown many Japanese maples that were planted close to water lines, foundations, and walkways with never a problem. The Japanese maples tend to have a shallow root system. I have about 8-9' of space between my kitchen window and my septic tank, and I'd like to plant a Japanese Maple tree outside the window (between the house and the tank).
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