Apple pitched Aperture as doing for still photography what Final Cut Pro did for video. Migrate your photos from iPhoto to Aperture seamlessly. Apple Aperture Although the $299 Aperture is marketed to professional photographers, it can also be an ideal companion for the documentary filmmaker or video editor who must tell a story largely through still photos. Like many Apple programs, Aperture was pretty expensive, debuting at $499. Use powerful new tools to refine your images. Update: Speaking to an Apple spokesperson would not comment on whether or not the Aperture 3 App … Best gifts under $30 ... Until introducing Aperture, Apple's only photography application was the consumer-friendly iPhoto. Eventually, the price … Apple Aperture v.3.0 - 1 User - Graphics/Designing - Complete Product - Standard - Retail - Mac. According to Apple, Aperture 1.5.1 addresses more than 100 issues related to overall reliability and performance in all areas of the application. It is available for £44.99 in UK and €62.99 the European App store. Apple has slashed the price of its Aperture 3 raw-conversion and photo management software for Mac OS to $79.99 (originally priced at $199), when purchased as an app from its latest Mac App store. Manage large photo libraries with ease. In that workflow, Aperture becomes a post tool designed to help organize and prepare materials prior to video editing. Aperture 3 is the perfect choice if you're ready to take your photography to the next level. Shop By Price.
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