This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. CS and CN are synthetic halogen compounds, unlike naturally occurring compound oleoresin capsicum found in pepper sprays. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Oleoresin capsicum (OC) is the oil taken from the placenta near the stem of a pepper. For self-defense against attackers, choose a pepper spray with a concentration of at least 5%. Pepper spray and tear gas are both non-lethal irritants ,but there are a few key differences between the two substances. CS and CN is reserved for LE and military only due to the hazards associated with the spray (respritory issues). I would recommend them to future clients because of my experience with the professional work done during this stressful time. Need CS or OC Spray..? Pepper gel can travel 20% further than spray, putting more distance between you and the attacker. This is the ideal size for those who want the security of a personal defense weapon without feeling like they’re anticipating a confrontation. Click the links below. 5 Pepper Spray Training Meltdowns 29 Aug 2014 | Posted by Everyone reacts differently to OC Spray training, but some react more intensely than others. This is a relatively new product in the personal defense industry. Pepper spray (OC) and tear gas (CS) are both great non-lethal self defense /riot control options. The Fox Labs Pepper Spray produces 5.3 Million SHU (Scoville Heat Units), making it the world’s hottest and strongest pepper spray. Good job, Jennifer. This triple action pepper spray has a formula that contains OC pepper, tear gas, and UV dye. Pepper sprays are simply items which pack quite a hit once administered. In most cases, crime scene cleaners do not require a college degree or standard certification. ", "Aftermath was very professional and was able to accommodate the urgency in the situation. I would rather just go hands on or … Hint: You Don’t Need Bleach! They performed all work quickly and professionally. […], Superbugs are strains of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that are resistant to most of the antibiotics and other medications commonly used to treat the infections that they cause. It’s a great self-defense solution for anyone that wants a spray that easily attaches to their keychain but still packs a punch when needed. Since I was needing the job done in a small window of time. 5 Myths About Cleaning Blood. Without them, I do not know how I would have made it through this. They are professional, courteous and experts in their field of work. Both pepper spray and Mace are non-lethal or less-lethal self-defense options. Each 1.5 oz. Aftermath uses state-of-the-art technology and strict control procedures to carefully wash affected surfaces, and remove damaged walls, floors, and surface coverings to restore your property to a healthy state. Some manufacturers may show a very high percentage of OC and, although OC is the active ingredient within the formulation, it does not indicate pepper spray strength. Pepper sprays would be one such self-defense product, famous for its small compact nature, yet evident and effective function as a self-defense item. can of this powerful spray contains 18 half-second bursts, which emit a heavy stream pattern with a range of up to 17-20 feet. Ortho-chlorobenzalmalononitrile or CS, alpha-chloro acetophenone or CN are mostly used as tear gases, whereas OC pepper spray is used as an inflammatory agent. Read our in-depth OC buying guide that identifies top-selling formulations like Mace spray, Sabre pepper spray, and Fox Labs 5.3 law enforcement canisters. ", As a police officer, you are faced with traumatic situations daily. John and his team were so helpful, thoughtful and professional throughout this difficult process. Pepper spray (sometimes referred to as “ OC spray “) is a combination of natural chemicals, whereas tear gas (also called “ CS gas “) comes from man-made compounds. The active ingredient is capsaicin which is derived from peppers. Tear gas can also be packaged in handheld pressurized canisters that release the gas in a stream or mist. 1 out of 5 Police Officers Said They Recommend Homicide Cleanup Business to Aftermath, 2020 Accidental Gun Death Statistics in the US, 4 Common Questions About Crime Scene Technicians, 5 Common Superbug Infections Caused by Bacteria, 5 Examples of Biological Materials and Their Potential Health Risks, 5 Guidelines for Handling Suicide Cleanup. Delivery methods: Pepper spray has 5 delivery methods: stream, cone mist, fogger, foam, and gel. What is it made of? Thanks for reading. It is important to note that CS and CN are not gasses, but are synthetic organic halogen compounds that have a powder-like consistency at room temperature.— they’re mixed with liquids or gases so they can be dispersed in the air. According to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, “Biological substances include any materials that contain or are reasonably expected to contain a microorganism (such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, parasites, or fungi) or other agents that can cause disease in humans or animals.” This article will identify 5 common […], For someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, dealing with the emotions that follow can be incredibly traumatic. The team went through everything in the house and saved everything that they could for us. OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum. OC is a natural non toxic chemical, it is created from the active compound in hot peppers, capsaicin. Still, when a member of your community has been a victim of a homicide, you want to do what you can for the family and help lighten the […], Updated: October, 2020 Accidental shooting death statistics can be a sobering reminder of mortality, but they are important in promoting prevention measures. The two biggest differences between tear gas spray and pepper spray are their chemical makeup and delivery methods. They took on having to figure out all the logistics and allowed me to focus on other priorities without having to worry about what they were doing. ", "Jason and Ryan went above and beyond any expectations in my time of grief. The most common delivery method for pepper spray are hand held handheld pressurized canisters that release the the OC compound in a stream or mist. Getting a clear picture of what cleanup companies can and should provide is your first step. The active ingredient is capsaicin, the same chemical which gives peppers their heat. Potential biohazards can be found anywhere – at your job, in your doctor’s office, in your children’s classrooms – and should be handled with extreme caution. What is a Crime Scene Technician? They do, however, require extensive on-the-job training to prepare them for the work they will […], ©2020 Aftermath Services | All Rights Reserved. It’s important to understand the realities of the job before pursuing actual employment. Tear gas in a man made compound and can be toxic although CS has been found to be less toxic than CN. Military grade OC sprays have a higher percentage of OC as compared to regular pepper sprays. Like pepper spray, pepper gel products can be carried easily and discreetly for protection from attackers. Corry went above and beyond my expectations. So really there is not much difference between Mace and pepper (OC) spray, since they both contain the same active chemical. So evaluate what kind of threat and environment you will likely encounter and prepare accordingly. Often referred to as CS or CN gas, it is important to note that CS and CN are not gasses, but are synthetic organic halogen compounds that have a powder-like consistency at room temperature. They made an extremely difficult time bearable and easy to navigate. Pepper spray (sometimes referred to as “OC spray“) is a combination of natural chemicals, whereas tear gas (also called “CS gas“) comes from man-made compounds. The most common chemical compounds found in tear gas are CS and CN, [0-Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (CS) and 2-Chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CN)]. In most cases, the symptoms of pepper spray last no longer than 45-60 minutes. For example, CS can have stronger effects than OC, while OC works better on animals. This 1.5 Ounce Stream can shoot as many as 18 half-second bursts up to as far as 20 feet away. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria are called superbugs, […], Can you name 5 examples of biological materials? Pepper Gel. * The reaction to pepper spray is involuntary (not dependent on pain response), so pepper spray is effective on those who feel no pain, such as psychotics, drunks and drug abusers. This represents how much OC is in the formulation. Pepper spray causes temporary blindness that can last up to 30 minutes. OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum. ", "Aftermath team made a very hard event much easier. This is what pepper spray contains and is where the name pepper spray came from, the fact it is made from peppers. A typical bear spray has a oleoresin concentration of about 1 – 2 %. But it’s important to put these statistics in front of others because […], People are often drawn to the idea of becoming a crime scene technician because of how it’s portrayed on shows like Law & Order. I would highly recommend this company and these men to anyone. It stains fabric, seeps into carpet, and binds to almost everything it touches. The active ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). Occasionally, you’ll run into some people who will try to act tough by saying that OC qualifying isn’t so bad but they’re lying. A typical pepper spray used for self defense will have an oleoresin capsicum (OC) concentration of about 10% or higher. Below are some helpful things to know about this type of career. Free Pepper Spray for Life. In the event of use, Guard Dog’s industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life program will provide you with free lifetime pepper spray replacement, so you will always be prepared. While some people use the terms interchangeably, it is important to note that tear gas and pepper spray are not the same product, and each has its own unique chemical distinctions. They can be found alone in pepper spray or they can be combined for additional affects. 5 Things to Look for in a Death Cleanup Company, Before You Apply: What You Should Know About Crime Scene Cleanup Training. The term biohazard refers to any biological materials (microorganisms, plants, animals, or their byproducts) that pose a threat to the health of living organisms. The goal of using bear spray is to scare off an attacking bear, not cause … When it comes to the aftereffects of a CS, CN, or CO attack, one thing is true for all: you will need professional help to clean up the mess. The OC percentage only measures the amount of red pepper contained in the pepper spray, not the pungency or effectiveness of the product. Physical effects: Extreme burning of the nose, eyes, and throat, involuntary closing of the eyes, coughing, rise in blood pressure, mucus secretion, nausea, and vomiting. For more information on how Aftermath approaches tear gas removal, contact us anytime! From violent crimes and homicides to suicides and serious accidents, you have likely seen it all. Pepper spray often comes in an aerosol can, which shoots it in a stream, a mist, or some other relatively direct path (though it’s also available as a gel or foam). Delivery methods differ, too. Delivery methods: The most common delivery method of tear gas is CS or CN “grenades” which explode and release the compound into the air. OC – this is probably one of the most common and popular forms of pepper spray. The OC, CN and CS breakdown: Ok OC is short for Oleoresin Capsicum and is derived from peppers; it is very eco friendly and all natural. This pepper gel spray can be used inside or outside effectively. Physical Effects: Uncontrollable watering of the eyes, extreme burning of the eyes and nose, temporary blindness, nasal and sinus discharge, burning of the skin, increase in blood pressure. Learn more about the different effects of each type of spray. In the meantime, you’ll find it difficult to breath and extremely painful. OC is not a man-made chemical, it is created from the active compound in hot peppers, capsaicin. The Mace Brand Triple Action Self Defense pepper spray has a stream pattern with a range of up to 10 feet. Certain ranks in the military require that the troop first experience the pain of oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray. Thus, they are more potent and powerful. OC, or Oleoresin Capsicum — better known as pepper spray — is used to train military and law enforcement personnel as a necessary exercise, so they know what it feels like and can continue to function if they are sprayed. Being “OC sprayed” is an absolutely terrible experience. The only thing more terrifying than being tear gassed or pepper sprayed is being tear gassed or pepper sprayed in your own home or place of business. It’s a big job and one that can also be dangerous. To make the process a little easier, and to make sure the job […], What is a biohazard? Although OC is the active ingredient used in most pepper sprays, the percentage of OC within the formulation does NOT indicate pepper spray strength. I know what you’re thinking and yes, this is the same Kimber that makes … Capsaicin acts as an inflammatory agent. Typical self-defense pepper sprays have a concentration of 1% to 18%. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, john and team. High OC percentage also indicates that a spray has more oil content; which can possibly use lower grade pepper oils (but, more of it), or lower grade capsaicinoids (within the major CRCs) and also has less ability to soak and penetrate skin than … As I mentioned before there are three types of defensive sprays. It not only causes pain but also causes instant inflammation of the mucous membranes. Fox Labs calls it the world’s hottest pepper spray because it has 5.3 … Concentration: When choosing an OC pepper spray, it will be rated by its concentration. If you’ve taken to the Internet in search of the best way to clean a blood spill, you have probably stumbled across countless articles saying things like: Get to the stain while the blood is […], Tragedy strikes when we’re least expecting it, so when you find yourself suddenly in need of a death cleanup service, it shouldn’t be another stressful burden. During this incredibly difficult time for us, they put our minds at ease knowing that they would take care of cleaning the house completely and thoroughly. Their effects tend to last longer than the regular pepper sprays. Mace is a well-known brand of pepper spray that combines UV dye and OC pepper with the Mace brand of technology that provides additional sticking power. Pepper spray also works to control wild animals. Reviews of pepper guns, dog and bear spray, keychain pepper gels, and … I'll take the tear gas 15 times over before I sign up for the OC spray again. The use of pepper spray is no different from that of a bug spray, as all one has to do with pepper sprays is aim, then spray. Physical effects: Extreme burning of the nose, eyes, and throat, involuntary closing of the eyes, coughing, rise in blood pressure, mucus secretion, nausea, and vomiting. A better form of pepper spray gun is small enough to carry in a purse, backpack, or gym bag but large enough to provide several shots of spray at a time. […], When dealing with the mess left by a hoarder, where do you even begin? The pepper spray carried on the duty belt of a police officer is OC … OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) OC is one of the most common and popular forms of pepper spray. In 12 years of military service, I was gassed so many times, I have built quite the tolerance to it. Kimber Pepper Blaster II. Even after the physical effects to your body have worn off, the physical effects to your property will still require remediation. OC Spray, otherwise known as oleoresin capsicum or pepper spray, is a non-lethal weapon designed to target the eyes and is used in riot control. The most common delivery method of tear gas is CS or CN “grenades” which explode and release the compound into the air. The weaker the pepper the OC is derived from, the weaker the spray. His crew were equally caring and professional. 4 Tips For Hoarder Cleanup Cleaning up the home of a hoarder is one of the […], You are probably familiar with some of the stories that have made the news in recent years regarding tear gas. Your Microbiome Gut-Health Test Might Be Full of It, Exercise Reduces the Risk of Several Cancers, Politicians Fear the Wrong Things — And So Do You (Probably), Measles, a Love Letter from Your Neighbor, Anesthesia Complicates Our Idea of What It Means to Be Human, The Impossible Physiology of the Free Diver, How Lyme Disease Helped Me Find My People. But what exactly is it? She was much more than the lead and for that I am more than thankful. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Guard Dog Security Military Edition Flip Top Pepper Spray Gel, Red Hot Self Defense Spray with UV Dye at We called aftermath on a recommendation from the local police department. For those families dealing with the death of a loved one from an accidental shooting, statistics can seem cold and unfeeling. For example, a 10% OC rating can at times be hotter than a 20% OC rating, depending on the base pepper … It is that bad. Riot Control Agents or Chemical Defense Sprays are non-lethal chemical compounds that temporarily make people unable to function by causing irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, and skin. Sites that have not been properly cleaned after a tear gas spray or pepper spray incident can harbor CS, CN or CO and cause ongoing symptoms for current or future residents., "Zach was compassionate, professional, caring and easy to work with, yet clear with what he needed to do and conscious of safety. In the present market, Mace is actually just one brand of pepper (OC) spray — just like Kleenex is a type of tissue. John stood with us while his team worked and let us reminisce about our father with him. OC is a natural non toxic chemical, it is created from the active compound in hot peppers, ... Sabre CS Military Tear Gas Spray. Depending on the situation one might be better than the other. ", "Aftermath was very professional and completed the work in a timely and efficient manner. This technology reduces the risk of blowback if it is windy outside. What […], People who are interested in pursuing a career in crime scene cleanup often have a lot of questions about the training, education, and certification requirements. ", "The service, communication, and level of professionalism from Alex and Greg was amazing. They explained the services and was able to relieve my worries as they dealt with the insurance company. Since the inception of antibiotics, the bacteria they treat have been adapting and changing in order to build up resistance. This is the same type of pepper spray used by police, security and military agencies worldwide. Other companies were unable to take the job or handle the job with efficiency to get the ball moving. They even helped us load my father’s Harley into our trailer because we didn’t have a ramp. What are capsaicin & … Hence, you may have a lot of OC in your pepper spray, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the most potent spray. The tips below can help someone clean up the home of a hoarder. What many people do not realize, however, is that cleaning up the scene is largely the responsibility of the family – an unthinkable task for those mourning the unexpected death of a family member or […], Blood is notoriously hard to clean. I've carried bullets marked "for law enforcement use only," carried pepper spray marked "for law enforcement use only," and carried both a straight stick and expandable baton that was bought from a company "that only sells dangerous items to sworn law enforcement officers." “Tear gas works by releasing an inhalant that infiltrates the mucous membranes,” according to Andrew Whitmarsh, AfterMath’s Operations Safety and Compliance Manager in Aurora, IL. It is an inflammatory agent, which makes all the difference in self-defense. Physical Effects: Uncontrollable watering of the eyes, extreme burning of the eyes and nose, temporary blindness, nasal and sinus discharge, burning of the skin, increase in blood pressure. Gene therapies only work for some people — so how do we fix this? ", "My father passed away and was left unattended for a few days with His two dogs in the house. Pepper spray and tear gas spray are both non-lethal irritants commonly used in self-defense and crowd control. Pepper spray is formulated from oleoresin capsicum (OC), a natural derivative of pepper plants; capsaicin is the main component. In most cases, the symptoms of tear gas spray subside within 30 minutes.
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