Get more help from Chegg. In the nervous system typical of mollusks, a pair of cerebral ganglia (masses of nerve cell bodies) innervate the head, mouth, and associated sense organs. Chitons have a fishy flavor. The sensorial function of the girdle of the Polyplacophora Carmen Salas1, Antonio G. Checa2,3, Michael J. Vendrasco2 1Depto. why are the sensory structures more prevalent on cephalopods than bivalves? Also comment on the mouth bere Foot . Early Native Americans ate Chitons. CLASS POLYPLACOPHORA 1. The sensorial function of the girdle of the Polyplacophora. Neuroanatomy has long been crucial to the study of molluscs and molluscan phylogeny. Habitat: The Class Polyplacophora contains the Chitons. Read about Polyplacophora on the Animal Diversity Web. bivalves never experienced pressure for acute vision/sensory structures, thus never evolved them. The nervous system and organs of sensation. ... Lepidopleurus cajetanus), we have observed several sensory structures in the mantle girdle. Class Polyplacophora Class Gastropoda Feature Shael Mantle and associated structure (look for sensory tentacles at the edges) Mantle cavity ctenidia Head and associated sensory structures (eyes, tentacles etc..). But they are touch to chew and difficult to collect. "new sensory organ in “primitive” molluscs (Polyplacophora: Lepidopleurida), and its context in the nervous system of chitons" since cephalopods are highly active predators, they benefit in advances such as vision - assists in spotting and capturing prey. Chitons live on hard substrates in shallow marine water. They also possess fascinating specialized sensory structures, from the sensory shell ‘eyes’ or aesthetes within the shells of chitons, to the inordinate elastic sensory tentacles that scaphopods use for feeding. Biología Animal, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Málaga, 29071 Málaga, Spain; 2Departamento de Estratigrafía y Paleontología, Universidad de Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain, 3Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, CSIC-Universidad de Granada, 18100 … Disclaimer: The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students.ADW doesn't cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe.
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