4. This is just too good of a project not to share. It is a ton of fun and the setup is very simple as Steve explains in his setup shot (after the jump). Sphere Bubble are created from dome soap bubbles and then mirrored and merged together. When asked what tips he could give on bubble photography, Heeks shared this: “A really important tip is to have a dark background behind the bubble, because the background brings out the color of the bubble. To view more soap bubble photography, please visit my website, soapbubblephotography.com A bright background, by contrast, makes the bubble look transparent. A realme Phone 3. Needed: 1. Hi . What started out as an innocent dish washing exercise ended as a lab for shooting tiny worlds of soap, and revenge taken against a Tia Maria glass. Some see faces and familiar shapes. Soap Bubble Macro Photography with Prosumer Glow v2 Macro Lens. Nature and macro photographer Don Komarechkamade this 4-minute video tutorial in which he shares how you can make and photograph frozen soap bubbles (if you live somewhere cold enough). Another tip is to blow a few bubbles before taking the photograph. A small pipe to blow air to create bubbles. What can you see within the bubbles? A Macro lens. Soap + Water Solution. Soap Bubble Photography - Tips and Tricks 9 hours ago Hey everyone, are you interested in soap bubble photography? If yes, I have some interesting discoveries for you: Actually I am experimenting for month to improve my bubble images, but last week I think I finally made a big step forward. 2. In this thread, we will see some beautiful colorful macro shots of soap bubble using Prosumer Glow v2 Macro Lens on realme X2 Pro. Mrs. H. should have known better than to push Steve Hermitage (Flickr) into doing the dishes.
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