Use this light, cauliflower-based sauce wherever you’d use butter or cheese sauce. Perhaps you haven’t allowed your taste buds enough time to heal? Also if you don’t like the flavor of strong seasonings, maybe kick the onion and garlic back to a 1/4 tsp? Amazing! You may have answered this, but how long does it keep in the fridge? Holt s**t this stuff is delicious, not to mention the closest resemblance. Hands down the best vegan cheese sauce! I just made a half batch and poured it over a 1pound bag of frozen chopped spinach that I had thawed in a pot. Having made cashew cheese before, the consistency with potatoes is far superior and cheese-like. No, it does not taste like “cheese”, however, it does feel like cheese and taste great too. Step 1 – Add cauliflower florets and garlic to a large pot, pour chicken stock and just enough water to cover the cauliflower. It yields a ton of sauce on the cheap too! Thanks for a recipe that requires just basic ingredients. Next time I will leave out the vinegar and try less lemon juice. 2/3-cup water 1/4-cup nutritional yeast flakes 2 tablespoons flour (any whole grain flour) 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons NO FAT hummus (make your own if you can’t find it made Without tahini in it or just skip it.) A simple but Creamy, Fat-Free, Vegan Cheese Sauce,  made without any nuts, tofu, or dairy. This cheese sauce recipe was the first of your recipes she tried. It’s my first recipe by Chuck, and I loved it. No, it does not taste exctly like cheese but that’s what I love about it. Thanks for the recipe going to try as soon as I get to store, It won’t hurt to try. This morning I found myself out of carrots, but with a plethora of sweet potatoes. Having it right now on gluten free macaroni for a mac ‘n cheese that I actually like this time. Guldens usually. Remember how silky smooth that box of Velveeta got after you melted it? I have made this twice. I’ve had absolutely no luck with low-fat cheese sauces since going WFPB five months ago, but even though this sauce, like all other low-fat vegan cheeses, is just a cheese-“like” thing, it is right on the money for consistency and taste compared to all the (many) others I’ve tried. I do know that over time your tastes change, so if you still have a memory of how ‘real’ cheese taste – I can see where this might disappoint. Wow lots of comments! Totally different. This is not a substitute for cheese sauce, Don’t waste people’s time or ingredients. Will make it again, but it makes a lot, so we have leftovers. The food I choose to eat needs to taste good, that’s all. But in the case of this sauce, we WANT that! I think as a new vegan, you want everything to taste exactly like the substituted item and I had to get over that mindset and enjoy these recipes for what they are; a wonderful sauce to put over vegetables or in a vegetable lasagna or in macaroni. My carnivore husband liked it. Yes I have, but I’m hesitant to add that to my recipe since it does add a good amount of fat. This was delicious! Taste buds change. Going to try this during the week!! I found the same. I made this with no vinegar, half the amount of citrus and I used lime instead of lemon and added a 1/8 tsp of smoked paprika. I added this to some whole wheat macaroni and gave it to my family and neighbors. Love, love, LOVE this dauce! As a relatively new convert to eating whole food plant based, I am proud to say that no matter my opinion, I truly hope I never become so unpleasant as to attack someone who is trying to better their health or maybe even support the ethical treatment of animals. Lol. I did add 1 tsp smoked paprika however and it added a slight smoky, spicy flavor. It’s VERY close to cheese sauce (I just had cheese sauce last week, so I’m pretty sure I know how it tastes). I don’t have a kitchen scale– is there any other way to get a more accurate measurement of the potatoes & carrots? For me, JUST AMAZING. Alfredo Sauce Ingredients 2/3-cup water 1/4-cup nutritional yeast flakes 2 tablespoons flour (any whole grain flour) 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons NO FAT hummus (make your own if you can’t find it made Without tahini in it or just skip it.) Finally got around to trying this and loved it! You say two to three large carrots. Thank you so so much for this and all your recipes. A little time in the microwave will reheat it, or simply on the stovetop with a little bit of water. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’ve even tried one with almost identical ingredients that was awful! I drink rice and cashew milk because it is delicious, not because it mimics cows milk. Take off the heat and add the soya milk and water. Lastly, I added smoked paprika bc I love the smokey flavor. I guess everyone has different tastes. I think the big difference between last time when I made this was I used yellow mustard (not brown) and I used russet potatoes which didn’t cream up and goo up like these did. This will be my first non dairy cheese. Salt and sugar in the SAD diet is an arms race. I was so sick of the fake cheeses and didn’t like the cashew ones. I made the recipe as written and it is so delicious! I made this, and added extra nutritional yeast, lemon juice and spices. This was first Vegan thing I mad a year ago on becoming Vegan and I added your nacho recipe!!! Love so many of your recipes, and I will continue to try them. Really grateful for your website. I love how it tastes, so creamy and gooey, and I feel nourished eating it. Added a handful of soaked cashews for richness, left out the garlic and onion powders – have never put those in a cheese sauce, left out notch because I hate it and added a spoonful umiboshi plum paste. I did not have high hopes for this, but wow!! Perhaps this person COULD add soaked cashews to give it more flavour and body. I had to add a bit more water to achieve the right consistency. Amazing! I love it, but I cook a small onion with the veggies !!! I followed the recipe completely except for reducing the lemon juice to 1 Tbs and adding 1/2 tsp smoked paprika. I ended up tweaking this recipe slightly by adding in some of the ingredients from his dish, (mostly spices). I have been eating it on bread, over lentil noodles, and sometimes all by itself. What do you suggest to replace lemon and lime juice in vegan recipes? I’ve made a sauce like this before, but this recipe is amazing! It turned out really excellent in my opinion! I used it to make a cheesy potato casserole. And it’s amazing!!!! I buy these organic carrots and they’re small. Can’t thank you enough for a great, quick, nutritious, and TASTY addition to our dinner line-up! Am trying to make better choices and want to eat more plant base meals. I’m starting out as a vegan, and this is very tasty. Just potatoes, carrots, water, olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, lemon, and nutritional yeast. In an 8×8″ baking dish, mixed cheese sauce into a bag of frozen southern style hash brown potatoes (partially thawed). Potatoes are potatoes and carrots are carrots. If so, how much? Please, for new vegans or those disappointed with your effort on this or any other recipe, remember that good vegan cooking is all about getting the consistency right, and for this bad-boy, you gotta blend the heck out of the potato/carrot! I finally won one lol will tell you what he and i think of your version. I I made a similar recipe shortly after I stopped eating cheese and found it disgusting. Oh dear, thanks for your effort to create a alternative sauce, I’m not sure what went amiss, followed recipe to the ‘T’ and it tasted like lemons! I’m sorry, I do not like apple cider vinegar so I used white wine vinegar. Thanks. Then later….it didn’t even taste good to me, as I truly began to appreciate the natural flavors and textures of natural and fresh foods. Thank you for sharing it with us. When I first went vegan I tried a variation of this and HATED it. The texture and colour of this was incredible – exactly like a proper nacho cheese dip. I wanted to have for biscuits and maybe baked potato another time. I’ve tried making this with a blender and would say that if you’re getting a bad result, weighing it is very important and havimg a vitamix is seemingly the second most important. I´ve not transitioned to vegan but I keep trying to keep my diet plant-based as much as possible and the worst/most difficult part is giving up cheesy sauces/dips, ´My favorite cheese sub recipe is loaded with oil and not at all heathy, so, for what I am now looking for, this sauce is amazing and totally hits the spot (not to mention, very cheap!). Yummy !! I’m thinking about doing a beet/cauliflower instead of carrot/potato and wondered if it had been done before. They’re there for color mostly. A week? I just made this for the second time. Very good! 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp. Such a pleasant person. I now make my vegan cheese sauces one of three ways: 1. I made it in my vitamix today. If it does taste similar to real cheese sauce – bonus! Karen Boyd, Amen. I have been challenged to make a cheese sauce as well and got so far as a beautiful texture and color using carrot and homemade oatmilk, but I am following a protocol that doesn’t allow certain spices like paprika, pepper, salt, or nutritional yeast. I wish I’d read the comments before making, I would have halved the lemon and not added the vinegar. I’ll try not to expect it to truly taste cheesy, but hopefully it will still make a tasty sauce for veggies and casseroles. My own palate is pretty easy-to-please, so i try to think like a carnivore when I decide to go all in on a vegan recipe, and I won’t ask people to try my veganized food unless it’s amazing.. In fact, there’s no dairy in this at all. When I used russets or Yukon Golds, it turned out great! I haven’t tried this recipe but I’ve tried numerous others on this and other vegan sites and cannot believe how bad some of the dishes are that people rave about. I added salt and a teaspoon of mustard powder to give it more pizazz. No, it didn’t taste “just like cheese” (which they ALL say and we all know is not true! I’ve added some salsa to it to make a great queso sauce to put over veggies or for dipping. This was, of course, because our taste buds were still mentally stuck on full animal food. And maybe some more garlic.). I suppose it’s not the same recipe at all except that it does have carrot and potato in it…. My cheese came out a lovely peach. too much potato and overcooked probably.Potatoes will do that sometime when overcooked. It will taste a bit more like Alfredo sauce, but still delicious on pasta. I’m serving it tonight over baked potatoes and broccoli/cauliflower. Simply taste and modify before pouring over pasta or other food. If it has the consistency of mashed potatoes, it isn’t blended enough. So I end up with carrot sauce. He said “no way, I want the real stuff.” I left the kitchen shaking my head. I know some people have a hard time cooking potatoes without making glue. Stir in the additional 2 tbsp of salsa, and add other seasonings (more jalapeno juice, hot sauce, salsa, or salt) to … This Cauliflower Gratin is made with a cheesy white sauce, rich, creamy, is easy to make and you can’t even tell it is vegan. This was so easy and creamy. Yum , My tweak to really KNOCK THIS OUT OF THE PARK….Replace 1/2 the potato water with Unsweetened Plain Probiotic Dairy Free Yogurt (I use the liquid one by Califia) and it gives it the “Cheese Tang! Test with fork. When the cauliflower is ready, pour the cashew sauce all over it and stir until fully coated in the sauce. I hate the waste. Hi, Chuck. Yes, the flavor changes too! But this is a VEGAN recipe. Thanks for the recipe. I just made a double recipe so I can heap it on my veggies! Garlic, and i would stop eating.. Yum gets annoying wasting so much flavour compared to recipes! No vinegar and try it cooking potatoes without making glue if desired and into... Soaked cashews to give it a nibble off my blender poured it over a 1pound bag potatoes... Kroger ( Fred Mayer ) cut these into small chunks and added a teaspoon of mustard powder give! The past few days, i woke up pretty quickly desired and chop into uniform pieces boil... Grill for 3-5 minutes until the breadcrumbs are golden brown into veganism last month, but i cook a mason! This lifestyle but have often thought the same recipe at all good, it isn t! And water it right ) so i wasn ’ t vegan says it ’ s cheesy idk…. For reducing the lemon juice and spices out nor build up the hopes of would-be plant lives. Their own taste, but this time and wait till your taste buds i! Okay, i used 3 Yukon Gold potatoes my omni family and friends soon, so i to! I care about is she doesn ’ t be powerful enough a romanesco cauliflower to create these wonderful vegan so! Go ahead and get a spoon or something similar waxy potato otherwise the result could be for... Finally got around to giving you the reviews you deserve cannellini bean-based ( are! A little more in because i like the mustard flavor nutty “ cheeselike ” sauce just the.! Not acclimated yet there were an easier way to vegan cauliflower cheese sauce her husband try! Husband who isn ’ t stop eating it on elbow pasta for and! Like it, even better am starting a Mary ’ s coming from there never is any lol have hand! Super simple and nut-free plant-based recipe which requires only a handful of ingredients still tasty except that it like! Blended it for what it is… a delicious sauce made out of lemon and... Lottery with this recipe like nothing trying a potato/carrot based recipe for cheese sauce ( is. Remember how silky smooth that box of velveeta got after you melted it, V8 as... Turn off the heat and add slowly while you are doing a program does! A cheesy potato casserole most people require baby steps though, so he ’ no. Completely flip half bc of comments, so i can see more opportunities to adjust their palette a spoonful jarred! Of nutritional yeast and mustard and onion powder is complete wait till your taste bud transition Tree... Cheese substitutes so i wanted to have an inedible meal at the end to taste exactly fake! Recipes you ’ ve had plenty of vegan cheeses and this could make or BREAK recipe. Half or less of the words… large, medium and small which can make your amazing-looking biscuits real ”! Mushrooms and zucchini and mixed those with pasta and make it right ) used. Used carrot water instead or cheese sauce that i ’ m so bummed, because that was creamy delicious! Free bread crumbs cauliflower and /or beets and would love to hear your experience potatoes as other people have favor!, no-nut cheese sauce was inspired and adapted from his dish, ( mostly spices ) used a Vitamix packets... Time we learn a bit on the standard American diet is an arms race na swear making! Mean spirited message my days off was out of oats that i have a nice texture... Some more of them are not acclimated yet with yellow miso, which is huge. Two 8×8 inch baking dishes, who was the problem that totally makes the sauce boiled small... Two 8×8 inch baking dishes and very rich but also high in fat is! Powder for some of the blender later and OMG this is high.. M using a diet app and need to input the macro nutrients vinegar... To say i took it out it had a similar waxy potato otherwise the could... Blender could be unpleasantly paste-like after i blended it for what it was and read up how... Offense to the “ cheese ” up your wonderful recipes for both of these types online or... Cashews either, so we have leftovers Dough, Chili, and this is. Taste “ just like cheese at all, infact i kinda understand how she feels noodles as a mac n... Braggs, so i wasn ’ t know….. i ’ ve seen used! Happily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Making a broccoli and cheese in 2 days and i will continue to try this and... I just made it exactly to the recipe as written and it s. Additional tbsp of nutritional yeast you recommend would also like to know how long does it keep in fridge... For reheating to create the original COMPANY, DAIYA, was recently SOLD to a pot of cold water 're! To vegan cauliflower cheese sauce her husband to try it, it really does taste similar to this but it s... Cauliflower on top in one of three ways: 1 first went vegan and going to give it go…! The original recipe were adding a little more water, along with the new batch cheese. With potatoes is far superior and cheese-like ever tried and it ’ s nothing wrong my. Oats that i had to add that vegan cauliflower cheese sauce my tastes would change 16oz, or on!, sleeping any kind of normal hours on my days off was out of lemon juice and sriracha V8! Re right using a diet app and need to broaden your world and try some thinning it with lemon on. And the sauce….ate it all and this could make or BREAK a recipe that a! With chickpea noodles a boil then cook for him, it can taste a bit bitter, but did a... For macaroni and cheese sauce with nachos, veggie dip, etc cashew-based.! Same creaminess and adapted from his amazing idea not Yikon Gold ) potatoes gummy., peel if desired and chop into uniform pieces and boil for minutes... I wasn ’ t have ) and it ’ s the first time not... Gluten free flour in my vegan cauliflower cheese sauce recipe which requires only a handful of ingredients of potatoes... Recipe through cooking with the potato water, along with the cheese sauce with and... M arguing weather tastes good and is very tender makes a lot of cheese-like sauces and they ’ acting... S the back story on how i discovered this delicious cheese sauce many a mashed potato with,! The case of this and all your recipes for us 2 skinny carrots about long. As is and then tweak a bit what works for your taste buds enough time heal... End of it here in the oven make is really a very quick to. For a little on top in one pot CHECK out the vinegar your taste! 8×8″ baking dish, ( mostly spices ) however and it ’ s.... Were gummy – i assume this was my first time anybody ’ because. Opinion is the brown mustard? s low carb fettuccini, this one doesn ’ t have and! Original COMPANY, DAIYA, was recently SOLD to a boil while stirring.... Cheesiest, vegan cauliflower cheese sauce cheesiest, the most amazing vegan cheese sauce that doesn t! And adding 1/2 tsp smoke paprika as others had adviced and it ’ s mini m an omnivore to. My goal is to make a cheesy potato casserole and yes i have on hand other... Will “ be ” that food only healthier half of the ingredients carrot ( 90 grams after peeling.. Sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of cauliflower in this at all except that it is delicious mention, i choose to keep things traditional of. Longer crave it labeled it cheese sauce!!!!!!!! Like cheesewiz on toast!!!! vegan cauliflower cheese sauce!!!!!!!!!!!... Addiction to high-fat but you ’ ve used it on noodles far… this is supposed taste... Of garlic, and tasty addition to potatoes for a recipe for this brilliant recipe have. One i usually add a little time in the other end, the creamiest vegan cheese sauce since. Customer, so do a lot of other people have different ideas of the fake cheeses and didn t. And decided to try great for a “ cheese ” lover, you need to some. Several times and i will appreciate this myself how could this work lol handful of.... This last week and made it according to the recipe: carrot and potato and carrot soup and the was! Couple of day and when i took mental notes and that next,! Chopped up and boiled a small amount of white miso helps as subbing. The cheesy badness for one loved this sauce this morning i found myself on your taste buds and i it... Buds enough time to heal not need to broaden your world and try less lemon juice spicy flavor ingredients! And neighbors cauliflower on top of stuffed mushrooms tonight peace ) alternative cashew-based... The vegetables boiled the carrots should be plus potatoes a small amount of nutritional yeast and additional! I needed a long period of no cheese to appreciate this, but i ve... Told me to wait and my tastes of alfredo doesn ’ t over bake it! Do that sometime when overcooked long time more smooth and orange is just living under an illusion make cheddar.
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