She just ate them. In addition, your dog’s medical history, vaccination records, and recent illnesses or injuries should be brought to the veterinarian’s attention. The wisteria is in the Fabaceae family of the fabales order in the genus of wisteria. A 50 year-old female ingested 10 seeds from the pods of the Wisteria plant due to curiosity and the perception that they were edible beans. The pet dragon who turned into a cabbage whenever he hiccuped, One of my favourite programmes when I was a child (He is lying on my foot at the moment, exhausted from a very exciting half hour in the garden). Wisteria. This does not represent a complete list of all poisonous plants and is only intended as a guide. « 1 2 » Go. The pods take months to develop. The biggest danger is from the seeds and pods, but chewing the wood might also sicken animals. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Some of the common and scientific names are: There are two toxic principles in wisteria. I have a 15 month old, 13lb. Family: Fabaceae. My dog at westeria seeds or at least one 6 days ago. Try to bring a sample of the wisteria plant with you so the veterinarian will be able to have it tested to determine the exact species. There are many things that might have caused her dramatic signs, but if she did eat some of the plant, that could have caused it. Both of these can be lethal if seed pods or seeds are eaten, or if a large amount of flowers or foliage is consumed. Hello all - we've just got a new puppy (labrador, 9 weeks old and he arrived yesterday) and I've been reading online that wisteria is poisonous to dogs. American wisteria (frutescens) has smooth seed pods, small flowers have no fragrance, clockwise twist, 9 to 15 leaflets, vine 20 to 30 feet, occasionally longer in old specimens, long-lasting flower spike five to six inches. Even if the test results take a few days, it is best find out in case the treatment or medication needs to be adjusted when the results come back. She may have ingested a small portion of it. Whilst all parts of the plant are considered toxic, we are more concerned with the seeds and the seed pods as they have much high concentrations of glycosides; you should discourage Minnie from consuming the leaves. The symptoms of wisteria poisoning depend on what part of the plant was eaten and the amount that your dog consumed. Has anyone else got wisteria and dogs, and can you offer me any advice based on experience? When your dog chews wisteria seeds or pods, ingested lectins move from the stomach into the bloodstream, where they clot red blood cells. sinensis (Chinese wisteria) 1 decade ago. We have a huge Wisteria vine that has spread everywhere. There are different varieties of wisteria, such as the American wisteria, which is common in the United States, and the Japanese or Chinese wisteria, common in Asia. Also, keeping an eye out for symptoms is important but the symptoms should present with another poisoning episode regardless of treatment. The seedpods are similar to peapods and are the most poisonous with high levels of lectin and wisterin toxins. Is there any sort of immediate action I should take? Or, post on here. I have a hound dog too. Thank you for drawing attention to the poisonous pods - it is very much appreciated. Will wisteria harm my dog? Is this your first dog? Asian wisteria varieties are the most aggressive and can be invasive. FREE Shipping. This vigorously climbing perennial vine has large showy clusters of fragrant blue or purple flowers in the spring. Wisteria seeds are contained in hanging, velvety seed pods. Hello, I know wisteria seed pods are considered toxic to dogs. Wisteria and dogs - poisonous? The problem is we cannot be sure that she consumed any seeds or pods; but generally inducing vomiting with 3% hydrogen peroxide (within two hours of consumption) and administration of activated charcoal may help. $16.47 $ 16. Yeah I believe that all parts of the Wisteria is toxic. Let your veterinarian know about the Wisteria, as it may be important in her treatment. We've a big wisteria in our garden, with lots of last years' pods on the ground. A few years ago i tennented a nice pub in Melton Mowbry area, my next door neighbours dog a beautifull Labrador dog would when he felt like it daytime or evenings push the front door open walk in have a look around then come to the bar and sit and look at me with those big loving eyes they have,i would have to say hello to him and then say "come  on then" he would come round the bar and put his pore on the crisp box he fancied that time, and his choice did vary, id say ok and he would  go off with a bag to the log fire carpet to open and eat them,never leaving a mess,he was  very popular in the pub and indeed the whole village including his visits to the school classrooms, a friend has just acuired a Labradoogle hes big heavy and a bundle of fun, I used to have labs - probably the best family dog in the world. I told everyone to NOT let her out front until we thoroughly disposed of the seeds/pods and my youngest daughter didn’t listen as she was cutting the pods down and getting rid of them. A urinalysis, blood count, glucose levels, BUN (blood urea nitrogen), chemistry panel, and blood gases will be performed. Asian wisteria has fuzzy seed pods, while North American have smooth seed pods and fruits. I took her to the vet not knowing what it was and later after the vet gave her special food and medications I realized what she ate ( I’m pretty sure ) she has been doing well and now today I saw her eat another and I told her to spit it out and she did . However, wisteria is known for growing rapidly and taking over the local planting area. Wisteria vines are among the more than 700 plants toxic to him, reports the Humane Society. The ASPCA also has bad things to say about wisteria with regards to cats, dogs and horses. How worried do I need to be? Leaves range in size and amount, but are always a deep green color. Intravenous (IV) fluids will be given for several hours or overnight to flush the toxins from your dog’s kidneys and rehydrate the system. He may show signs of an upset stomach, nausea or dehydration. When your dog chews wisteria seeds or pods, ingested lectins move from the stomach into the bloodstream, where they clot red blood cells. Wisteria can be highly toxic to dogs, to the point of being fatal. Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Horses. Clinical Signs: Vomiting (sometimes with blood), diarrhea, depression. They kept her and took blood tests, x-rays etc.and put her on an IV. Not all dogs will eat the pods but I wouldn't suggest taking any chances. Wisteria poisoning causes severe gastrointestinal issues, culminating in dehydration and collapse. If treatment is started within 24 hours and your dog did not eat more than one seed pod, the prognosis is good. It's your thread Rosie, and it's called Wisteria and Dogs - and we always like to see pictures of dogs on here don't we folks? if not, I'm probably telling you something you already know - but don't hesitate to ask about things if you think anyone here might be able to help. It would be better to plant a different type of vine where dogs will roam. How was this possible? Wisteria can be grown from the seeds found in the long seed pods in the autumn.These seeds are mature when the pods start to dry,and the seeds turn a light brown colour.They can be sown immediately or kept until the next spring. While they are known for their flowing waterfall of hanging blooms, they are also known to be poisonous if just a few seed pods are eaten. He's named after the dog in 101 dalmations, and also because we used to have a very lovely 'step-dog' who we christened Mr Stinky.
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