They are small green beans used extensively not only in India but also in China, Thailand and Japan. There is no meal which passes by without a dal in the menu and there are no two days the same dal is made. This split green moong dal or moong dal chilka is delicious and nourishing. Mung dal/Moong dal (whole and split) Bean sprouts, which are known as a powerhouse of proteins, can be made with a variety of beans but the most popular among them are the sprouts made with whole moong or sabut moong. Express Recipes: Cook this Split Green Moong Dal at home on a laid-back weekend Wondering what to cook for a healthy and light meal at home? Pair it with fluffy brown rice for a healthy, wholesome meal. They are used in salads or stir fries with lemon juice or vinaigrette. The Punjabi Sabut Moong Dal is one of the many dals of the Punjabi cuisine and if there is one thing I love the most about Punjabi cuisine is its extensive use of dals aka lentils.
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